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Michael Savage Steals Credit From Fundamentalist Jesus, After Bashing Fundamentalists

Tonight, Michael Savage said, or almost exactly said,

“My religious philosophy is Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” said Michael Savage, after teaching that fundamentalist Christianity and other “only my religion is the way to God” religions, were dehumanizing and the cause of wars and strife. He didn’t mention, in his ignorance apparently, that Jesus, a fundamentalist, was the one who said that. And to add further insult to God, Michael claimed that there were many religions which taught “Do unto others…”. No Michael, in fact that saying makes Christianity unique as even atheist theologians know.

Michael, a so called, “universalist”, was also contradicting himself as all “universalists” do: By basically saying, “One-way religions are wrong; only multiple-way religions lead to God,” Michael was saying there was only one way to God. You might think I’m crazy to say that, but I’m not: “Universalists” are not universalists, because they exclude one-way-only religions, so then, they too reject certain religions.

Michael then further added insult to God by glorifying a religion that God seems to hate most:

“The Roman Catholic church is one of the most beautiful expressions of religion I’ve ever seen.”

Apparently Michael doesn’t know what city God was talking about in Revelation that rested on seven hills.

Adding further insult to God, Michael then talked about those who steal credit from others while talking about “trickle down poverty.”

Later, near the shows end, Michael talked with a Roman Catholic who made the correct point that the Bible can’t be both God’s word and not, then Michael mislead the Catholic into agreeing that “religion is meant to control man’s impulses.” No it’s not, it was revealed by God so that he could be worshiped in a logical and orderly way rather than in illogical and disorderly way. It was meant to show man the truth and to give him a pattern to follow to guide his “impulses” to give God the praise he deserves, not: “It’s just to control people so that they aren’t doing whatever they want.”

Lies and liars always seem to contradict themselves.


No thanks to stupid garbage livejournal’s stupid idiotic CMS for delaying this entry for 14 minutes repeatedingly telling me I was trying to post this entry out of order and retardedly asking me to redo the date (UH SHOULDN’T YOUR SERVERS DO THAT? DUH? UGH!!!), and this isn’t the first time it’s gave me that stupid error message.

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