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Art Bell Teaches World To Ignore Definitions of Words

I have to paraphrase a little on a part of a May 16, 1997 Coast to Coast AM show, shortened, to show how hypocritical, biased, blind and self-defeating pagans are:

A doctor and scientist calls in telling Art that evolution is a damnable pagan science and that he wishes he could get on Arts show to argue against it.

Art then disconnects him after an awkwardly long pause, ARGUES: "To say that there is no evidence for evolution is, ridiculous, there’s tons of evidence for evolution, not conclusive [so much for the tons of "evidence"], conclusive to you, therefore there would be no arguing with you."

Art, as I indicated contradicted himself as he was arguing against the creationist, said the mucho evidence wasn’t conclusive (evidence is conclusive, there is no such thing as inconclusive evidence) and his third contradiction and hypocrisy and clear bias was to say that he wouldn’t have the creationist on BECAUSE THE CREATIONIST BELIEVED HIS REASONING TO BE CORRECT, YET ART BELL CLEARLY BELIEVES HIS OWN REASONING AGAINST THE CREATIONIST TO BE CORRECT AND CORRECT IN ALL KIND OF OTHER SUBJECTS! He might as well have said to the creationist:

"You Christian fundie! You’re not allowed to have beliefs! How arrogant of you to think you are right! No one can know the truth and that’s the truth! Therefore I wont listen to you or talk to you anymore!"

Conveniently Art didn’t mention A SINGLE ONE of out of the supposed mucho grande evidence for evolution (biiiiiiig surpriiiiiiiise, not).

Yet right after Art’s argument he said to the Christian, "I don’t begrude you your beliefs." Sure Narcissist Bell, sure.

Art then played macho man and threatened to harm any Christian who prevented his wife or himself from murdering their baby in order to save their lives (specifically Art said his wife’s life, but logically it would apply to his own or anyone elses’ in his family who is under his authority). He ended it with "your life would be worth 2 cents, if you know what I mean." Yes Art we know that you’re a self-centered narcissist who arrogantly places your sinful life and that of your wife above a babies WHOM YOU DELIBERATELY BRING INTO THE WORLD KNOWING THE POSSIBILITY IS THERE FOR THE WIFE OF YOUR LIFE TO BE ENDANGERED, AND WHICH HAS HARDLY COMMITTED THE SAME AMOUNT OF SINS YOU HAVE, MAKING YOU A PERSON WHO PREMEDITATES MURDER OF PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU. And you do know what premeditate means don’t you: you used it more than once in the very same show.

And Art Shill, why didn’t you strongly threaten the Darwnist atheist communist government of China WHO DOES FORCE ABORTIONS ON CHRISTIANS AND ON THEIR OWN ATHEIST KIND AND WHO ENDANGERS THE LIVES OF THE WOMEN BY DOING SO? Will you declare those DARWINISTS TO HAVE LIVES WORTH LESS THAN TWO CENTS BEING THAT THEY ARE MURDERING NOT JUST BABIES, BUT THE PRECIOUS ADULT WOMEN? ART? ARE YOU A SEVERELY BIGOTED, BIASED HYPOCRITE AND NARCISSIST? Yes, you are. Why don’t you also condemn the "PAGAN" Chinese citizens of China who drown their female daughters so that they may keep their sons (causing a massive lack of enough females in China for men to marry, no doubt incrasing homosexuality in China) who rarely speak out against the DARWINIST atheist government of China? Are you biased? Why don’t you speak out against the atheists and Muslims who using threats rape, torture, murder, and house-demolition try to get Christians to become what they are (and arn’t they just such loving people, not)? You evil hypocrite.

has hardly if at all committed any sins yet. We know you place yourself above those who are better then you and make childish threats to anyone who endangers your happiness. Your so cool, wise and tough.

The next caller, a young woman, asked, "Why do people insult pagans? No one ever calls in to insult blacks." Art replied, that that does happen, and that it happens because it’s easy to make fun of minorities (oh gee like maybe Christian fundamentalists Art and pagan lady?). She then said that even the Pope makes fun of pagans (uh no the Popes ally themselves with pagans and Catholics are pagan-Christians being that they don’t just worship God).

Then Art asked her, "What is a pagan?" She replied, "A non-Christian." So much for pagans being a minority. Then after a pause she said, "That’s the Christian definition." No actually that’s an ancient definition and which is one of a few definitions still in use. Then Art said to her, "Forget the Christian definition (showing his gullibility and hatered of Christians), what do you believe a pagan is?" After a painfully embarassingly long pause, the "pagan" then said, "Well, I don’t know. I’ve never been asked that question before." Art then tried to save face and laughed and said, "I do that a lot to people." Your right Art: you do say a lot of stupid things. A little while later the woman said that Christians considered among other groups, Buddhists to be pagans, and Art said that he didn’t but instead those who worshiped idols, and if Christians believed Buddhists were pagans, that "that’s their problem." Uh Art, it’s your problem because Christians tell the truth, and the truth you hate. Further, definition hating narcissist, Buddhists do worship Buddha as a god, and idols of him. Or did you forget about the dozens of millions of fat Buddha glutton idols sitting all over the world, or giant golden idols of him various asian countries? You’re stupid Art.

After continuing to make fools of themselves, falling into their own pits, accidentally throwing dirt on each other, the show continued in the same anti-Christian stupidity. One of the other ironies was that before this line of hypocritical stupidity, a woman had called in to tell Art what she found the definition of soul was in a certain prestigous dictionary, to which Art replied, twice, though not in a row, "What do they know?" As I always point out, non-Christians hate the truth and since the correct definition of words is an essential component to knowing the truth, it’s one of the first things they avoid and warp. Lies they often call "truths", and truths they often call "lies".

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