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Skepticism – A Biased Mindset that Leads to an Anti-Scientific Mentallity

(Warning, foul language)

From an atheist, who thinks he’s objective apparently, making a comment after watching a video of an alien flying somewhere, with audio track supposedly uncensored, revealing it to be a supposed hoax:

TheTimeTraveller: "I used to believe shit like this all the time when I was a kid. Even UFOs, Ghosts, Telepathy and Telekenisis, even fucking magic. When I turned 17 all that shit blew past me as obvious bullshit. Well done finding the original audio, and lets hope Weeaboos and Harry Potter faggots get a nice swift kick in the balls from this."

So then, this atheist when from being gullible and yet believing what was evident, to full biased against anything unusual so that he will only believe it is an illusion or something plain/boring/conventional and especially if an anti-Christian "scientist" says so. And, he’s slandering even mainstream scientists and calling millions liars. For example, there are dozens of scientists, police, military officers (and some who fly jets or helicopters), and civilian pilots who’ve seen things that are not any known human-made aircraft or any known natural phenomenon. The reports that are designated unexplained by the military and scientists go into the thousands at least, maybe over 100,000 if all the military accounts of the world are counted. Further, his mindset which isn’t just skeptical but fully atheist (which is worse then skepticism) won’t accept anything beyond strange, so that learning ceases to happen in new areas (thereby preventing technological and scientific advancement). So if someone for examples sees a new phenomenon or new animal, this atheist claims, "you’re a lying faggot who denies the obvious plain explanation which I feel is whatever I say it is and I hope you get harmed for your lying and disbelief in my simple atheist view."

And as history, recent events and on going events show, this violent mindset atheists have does often lead to them torturing and murdering when they are given the power to do so if their government allows or commands them to (like the atheist governments of China, Vietnam, Burma, Eritrea, and what was once called the Soviet Union).

Today, people think chronic doubt and biased against anything strange or against the belief that anything strange happens, or the chronic inability to believe in anything strange, is "healthy" or "good" attitude to have or mindset, as many Darwinists claim and even some prominent pagan creationists like George Noory.

No surprise to me TheTimeTraveller was banned from youtube. But to my disgust, and ironically, the apparent atheist that approved of his comment is still on youtube, and filters comments as I found out when I tried to reply to TheTimeTraveller, and many hours later, my reply still hasn’t been approved. Atheists truly are mentally sick and evil.

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