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My Reply to Mormon S.W.D.

My part reply to a Mormon, who seems to be a female:

S.W.D: "Mormons are cool- they’re always nice."

I met mormon missionaries who’ve been unfriendly to me. "Nice" at the beginning?: 6 were rude from the start, including a teen female. I’ve met 20 or more. One mormon said to, "I only care about having fun". He was fine with giving me some of his food whenever I came over, yet could care less about any problems I had in life. He was so addicted to games and toys that it overoad his paranoia over me having broken my probation (years ago) for something that was my p.o.’s fault.

One mormon missionary threatened in front of me in loud anger to rip up anything I gave him (merely) if it wasn’t going to agree with mormonism. Some lied about not being allowed to use the Internet. Is that "nice" to you; to arbitrarily rage and lie?

A mormon girl I met before that became enraged over a few emails she hadn’t even bothered to read, but just didn’t like that I send four in a day. She would later stalk me and then via the Internet, in public for the whole world to see, tried to get friends and strangers to burn my house down. It’s all documented.

One mormon missionary I met called to rebuke me for supposedly being at home and not letting him in and completely ignoring that he was at my door, but he was assuming, and his assumption was false.

One mormon bishop implied that he valued his mormon friends over obeying Scripture.

In total, five to seven of them harassed me, two very maliciously.

And does nice include repeatedly and as a way of life giving false interpretations of Scripture? Does it include the Mountain Meadows Massacre? Does it include Joseph Smith’s blackmailing teens into marrying and having sex with him and blackmailing their parents into letting him by threats of God sending them to Hell? Does it include Mormon child abusers who have been caught molesting, raping or abusing kids? Where is your common sense? You are so stupid, that you believe that millions and millions of Mormons throughout history are all good, that there are no fakes not even corrupt or apostate or backslidden ones? Not only are you denying Scripture in three ways (1.claiming that false Christians – Mormons – are nice on the outside, as if that matters more than the heart – and 2. you’re implying that Mormons who are false Christians as they do not fully accept Christ’s word are true Christians, and you’re rejecting it too by denying false Christians can be members of the true church, and 3. your denying that Christians ever sin! You’re extremely blind! Common experience shows no one is perfect, that’s why Jesus died for sinners in the first place and why God constantly tells us to obey him!)

S.W.D: "They think they’re right,"

Everyone does, so what? And what matters more: thinking you’re right, or being right and saying what is right? Common sense.

S.W.D: "but they won’t tell you you’re going to hell just cuz you believe different".

Wrong: Joseph Smith did. and many don’t even believe in Hell, and again one attempted to murder me via friends and strangers. Furthermore, since when did God say not to tell anyone they are going to Hell if they are unrepentant? Never, but just the opposite: In the Old Testament God repeatedly though rarely over the thousands of years, had prophets repeatedly warn Israel that they would be severely punished in various horrible ways even to their near extinction for not obeying Him. And Jesus and the apostles repeatedly told people they were going to Hell in various severe and detailed was for not believing his word, which was God’s word. And so what if Mormons don’t directly say, "You’re going to Hell unless you agree with me"?; what childish reasoning you have!: IMPLYING that Mormons are good so long as they don’t DIRECTLY say, "You’re going to Hell unless you agree with my personal beliefs and my feelings!" You yourself imply things all the time, does that mean you’re free from any sin so long as you don’t directly say anything? So as long as you don’t tell a direct lie, or say, "I hate you" but only imply it, you’re "nice"? Not according to Mormons when they are condemning you for not believing what they do. Mormons condemn people for indirectly going against their religion all the time, why then do you imply that only if they directly condemn you to Hell are they nice? You, like every Mormon I’ve had a religious encounter with, are being hypocritical. You remind me of anti-Christians who say all kind of evil things to me who as long as they don’t use "foul language" / "dirty words" think God is fine with the evil they say, or who think though they insult me and lie to me that they aren’t hating me as long as they don’t say, "I hate you." People like you are teaching, "You can do any evil to someone you want and still be good as long as you don’t tell them that you hate them." You’re sick, twisted and backwards.

Jesus suffered Hell to keep a limited number out of it and warned people as did the other prophets that the world was on it’s way to Hell unless it repented. I’m happy I’m no Mormon, but instead, a Christian.

So then, the behavior of Mormons and these logical arguments against them evidence shows that Mormons are liars, hypocrites, and panderers.

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