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I’ve never listened to a C2C show that made me want to puke, but tonight is one. George and some guest author and Whitely Streiber all seemingly praised Moses for being our source of the knowledge of morality. Will they ever get anything right? Why are they always off? Some of the basic commandments were already known to the world from nearly the beginning: God clearly taught not to murder but to love your family if not all humans when he condemned Cain for murdering Abel. God clearly was against lying and tempting people to disobey him in his condemnation of Satan. God taught that murderers should be executed when he said that if you shed the blood of someone then yours should be shed, and later he wiped out the world except for a few people for not obeying these laws. God taught not to look at each others nakedness when he condemned Ham. God indicated though didn’t command, that we should give up our belongings to please him by using Abraham’s sacrifices as examples. And God taught that homosexuality and rape were hated by him in his condemnation of Sodom and Gommorah. Further, God says that we know some basic rights and wrongs from birth, which is evidentally true as we’ve all had our conscience burn at least once when we were kids. Ancient law-makers who made legal codes before Moses had laws that taught that murder, theft, adultery and blashpemy (though against a false god rather than God) were wrong and should be punished. Through Moses however, God assembled all the laws into a compact space for easy reading and made them more specific and made them direct commands rather than implied commands. He also included symbolic laws that were extentions of the "ten" sub-commandments which were based on the two main commandments, which Jesus pointed out.

On the same show, earlier, Richard Hoagland made a plain contradiction when he at first said (and he knows better) that scientists just ask questions and want answers, and then a few minutes later said that (there are) scientists who propagandize as he spoke about how scientists aren’t able to explain gravity. Though he said that he contradicted himself again by saying that there are secret governments which scientists that do know how to manipulate gravity. Perhaps he would excuse that contradiction by saying that though these secret scientists know how to manipulate it, they still don’t understand it well (but how would he know that?). He is a good example of how Darwinists are always contradicting themselves in every subject they talk about.

It’s about 12:24 P.M. and some really smug faggy guy (Daniel?) is droning on and on in an annoying voice about his experience with a (demon) that pretended to be Quetzoquotal, or however the Hell it’s spelled, which he was too stupid to figure out was a demon despite him saying the voice (of that person) was aggressive. And he just keeps droning on in a smug know-it-all faggy teen voice that just makes me so angry! I wish he would shut up. He actually did since it’s commericial break now, but he’s on hold for questions from the audience. How is it that so many people keep seeing that these "spirits" and oh so innocent "ghosts" despite being aggressive aren’t demons? Talk about blind and deluded!

If I have to listen to anymore of this show I will puke. I don’t think I’ll ever listen to this extremely stupid boastful show ever again, it’s truly shit, truly utter shit.

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