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Graham Hancock: Lost In Space

While studying my Coast to Coast AM archives, I noticed a long silly, anti-fundamentalist rant made by Graham Hancock, a psuedo-historian, hated by psuedo-historian atheists for contradicting their version history:

“…This point of view which is central to my argument in in uh Supernatural…is that our ancestors created these extraordinary cave paintings, and, uh, manifested this amazing quantum leap forward in their overall behavior eh as beings because they had altered states of consciousness, that they had encountered psychedelic plants, and that they had began to use these systematically their sha-mans, had begun to use them systematically, uh to, enter, alternative states of consciousness, and that in those states of consciousness they experienced visions  and encounters with entities and beings, which they then, when they returned to a normal state of consciousness, uh depicted, the earliest documents of human history they depicted on the wall of the painted caves, and thus they document their, encounters with their beings. Now this is where, thus far and no further do I go with the mainstream academics [atheist, agnostic and liberal “Christian” academics], because they then stop and say, “Oh well, of course the art was majestic and of course there was a fantastic leap forward in human behavior but they were just hallucinations, and there’s no real fundamental meaning to this. And where I ended up taking this, because the evidence drove me there, is that these experiences that we call, hallucinations in our culture, and that the sha-mans of hunter-gatherer societies still surviving all around the world visions, that these uh, that these visions are not unreal, that they are uh a retuning uh um of the receiver wavelengths of the human brain, to allow us to see other realities, that surround us and interpentrate us at all times, but which in a normal alert problem-solving state of consciousness, uh we cannot normally access and uh in a way I this is a criticism I have of of mainstream, science, uh, in general is that it’s very state state specific everything that our science does is predicated on the notion, that one particular state of humnan consciencess the alert problem-solving state of conciousness that we find useful to function in business and the military and commerce in the modern, world that this is really the only state of conciousness and that there are no other, valid states of consciousness [George then says, “Right”], and that are science [atheist, agnostic and liberal Christian science], refuses to investigate other states of consciousness in fact perversely, or perhaps not perversely” George than says as Graham is saying “perversely”, “It it’s vey narrow isn’t it?” Graham replies, “It’s extremely narrow and actually not only do they not investigate, the vhast range of human consciousness, not only do they not investigate it but they’ve actually in in collaberation with government made it pretty much illegal, to investigate it, “You may the, there you may not go,” they say, and may actually send you to prison if you do investigate it. So it becomes very difficult to investigate this so we have this incredible creature ourselves, with a vhast range of consciousness, uh we rea truly truly immense, and we have decided that we are really interested in a tiny narrow sliver, of that vhast range of potential, and that we will only focus on that and that all our experimental methods, uh and all our so called scientific approach will be based on the notion that that is the only, valid, form of human consciousness and as a result we rule out almost the entire range of human potential in our investigation so no wonder in my opinion modern science while achieving great things in the material band, uh is so screwed up, and leads us to so many probloems.” George then asks him why we need mood-altering substances and why we can’t do without it. Graham replies:

Some of ussome of us, don’t need the mood-altering substances or the consciousness-altering substances, but many of us, do. Um there’s a Puritan streak in our society which regards um, you know taking anything, uh any any substance any any any plant to change our consciousness as as fundamentally wrong but I think we have to, we have to accept that that streak is rooted in a particular history, of a story of history that we have had and that it may not be, may not be valid… and therefore, we should hestitate before we automatically robotically like automata uh accept the Puritan notions that have been stuffed down our throats from the 17th century, we should hesitate before we fully accept those and consider the possibilities that since all our experiences our mediated by neurochemicals it may be interested to explore the range of experiences by altering the neurochemical of the brain specifically and deliberately as sha-mans have done for tens of thousands of years, using plants that have co-evolved with us on this planet I think we need to rid ourselves of that knee jerk Purtanical reaction which is frankly not thought through and is not based on any, on any logic and here’s the thing, we are phsyical beings for sure, my vone personal belief is that we are spiritiual beings in essence…” and on and on this redundant, nonsensical, narcissistic, Christian, pagan and atheist-history ignorant, fundamentalist, truth and sicence-hating wanderer rambled, he just did not shut up.

That is someone who truly needs a beating to get him to stop to think rationally for a few seconds or to refrain from sinning. He seems to think that maintsteam science is controlled by fundamentalist Christians with his anti-Puritan babble, which was actually anti-Bible babble. No Graham, it’s mainly controlled by ignorant God-haters like you, and you got to see what happens when you don’t pander to your atheist and liberal Christian brothers. And: How the hell do some paintings of horses and hunting scenes and some dinosaurs mean that we should investigate what demons have to say via messing up the chemical balance in our brain? And what is your evidence that cave-paintings are the earliest “documents” made by humans? And haven’t you already watched “ghost” videos and seen quija board sessions to know that demons are useless, destructive, malicious, time-wasting, idiots? How do you not know basic history by now?: Christians and pagans side-by-side with much resistance from pagans developed and advanced their technology till God destroyed the pagans and then with the advanced knowledge they had the Christians started the world over again which quickly became evil again. The advanced knowledge that Noah and his family had thinned out as it spread, making possible things like the pyramids. As for “sha-mans” you call them – it wasn’t just hunter-gatherer societies that had them, pagans did too, and for thousands of years they were used by leaders. How far did these oracles, wizards and witches help advance the world? They didn’t, instead they in large part caused it to stagnate, as they taught the hindering teachings of demons or nonsense of their own invention.

The “narrow-minded” one is you for rejecting the obvious. And being “narrow-minded” isn’t even a bad thing so long as you are rejecting lies. To be narrow-minded to lies is a good thing, to be open-minded to lies is a bad thing. That is logic, not the nonsense you’re teaching.

Update 12-28-2011:

Graham is on Coast to Coast AM again. He’s being interviewed by Whitely Streiber. It’s good that Graham acknowledges that Christianity is a monotheistic religion (or rather that the Bible teaches that). However, does he believe in the Trinity, or does he also acknowledge that the Bible teaches a triune God? Or is he without saying it, implying that there is no trinity?

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