While listening to a female "Christian" minister and exorcist on Coast to Coast with George Noory, who is pushing her "positive affirmations" book, among others I heard her say something almost exactly like this, "that’s the key to everything: to gain greater inner strength and authority". No wonder she rejects God’s word when it says that demons are what possess and harass people, not human spirits that are lost and materialist as this false teacher claims. How sad that so many being harassed by demons fall for her imaginary "help", and end up moving farther away from the truth. She also claims that meditation has been known to be the key to higher conciousness – so much for obeying God out love.

How can this ordained minister call herself a Christian when she rejects his teaching about what demons are how to remove them from a person? Ironically, her latest book she says is, "How to Hear the Voice of God." Though not entirely ironic: anyone can hear a thing, but not everyone listens carefully. More important then hearing God’s voice, is reading and understanding his word. Jesus said,

Jesus answered, "It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone,
but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ "
Matthew 4:4

She also said, "There are many so called teachers… who don’t have the best intentions, who want to gain power over others… so you have to have discernment." and, "The healer shouldn’t get damaged… from helping other people, the healer should get good stuff." So Jesus, the greatest healer of all, shouldn’t have suffered and died for anyone? "Satan get behind me!" Clearly this so called teacher herself has little moral discernment and is ignorant of Christ’s teachings.

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