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FBI Agent “Joe” Says FBI and Albuquerque Police Dept. Won’t Do Anything About Cyber-stalking

According to an FBI Agent Joe of the Albuquerque division of N.M., if a U.S. citizen is being harassed and stalked on the Internet the F.B.I won’t do anything about it and the (A.B.Q.) police department “definitely won’t do anything”, and that even if someone from another country says they are going to come over and kill you (or tries to extort money from you) that they won’t do anything either because “other countries hate the U.S.”. He also said that he’d only used the Internet twelve times on his laptop and never intends to use it again because of the bad things he’s heard about it including identity theft and various other things. He also blames whoever is stalked on the Internet for being stalked because they must have done something to piss the other person off, and if they did it’s their fault. He also said he’d never dealt with a cyberstalking case (backing up his claim that the FBI doesn’t deal with such things). He said that people have a right to say whatever they want on the Internet because it’s a place of  “free speech”.

When asked if stalking was harassment, he hesitated for a moment, and then, said “well yeah”, apparently having forgotten the meaning of the word. I have the impression from his tone and beliefs that he’s someone who would call himself a non-practicing Catholic or an atheist, perhaps an agnostic.

Joe said these things on 6/2/2009, on about 8:25 A.M. Hmmm, could his apathetic attitude towards cyber-stalking and, his stereotyping of every single person of every other country and his blame-the-victim attitude be one of the reasons that many people of other countries who aren’t citizens of the U.S. hate the U.S.? Alex Jones your nightmare is becoming more real.

This reminds me of a mormon I once met online named Bree. She was extremely beautiful and flirted with me a tiny bit at one point, but when I asked her to give some evidence for some things about Mormonism she took offense. She was a top member of a pofile site where I had refuted her emails against my religion which were refuting hers. She was friends in person with the moderators there, and they showed her great favoritism. Being unable to refute me and having enraged her with a website I made exposing her hypocrisy, the moderators allowed her to become a moderator of the forum of their site, and she dedicated a thread to attacking me and attempting to spin my website on her as a “hate site”.

She was eventually so humiliated, with apparently a member of the same site saying about me, “the ‘stalker’ is right” after I had refuted a Wiccan defending Bree who claimed Wiccan’s had no written laws after I said they did and proved it, was the straw that broke Bree’s back, that she resorted to publicly trying to incite everyone on her side to burn my house down. The moderator deleted her comment after allowing it to remain for many hours (the forum moderators were her personal friends and favored her). When I pointed out her hypocrisy it seemed to get her threat deleted, but no surprise, this anti-religious profile site didn’t delete her account. The male moderator in charge did however have me repeatedly banned and being unable to defeat me tried to contact others about how he could prevent me from coming back to that forum using technological means. Bree was extremely beautiful, one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen, and she was as mormon as any mormon I had ever met, fiercly defending that her religion was right.

After repeatedly showing her that her that her religion was wrong and was founded upon racism in part, I noticed she eventually stopped talking about being a Mormon on her profile page. The moderator in his attempt to justify Bree and Mormons (arbitrarily, to get me to get me to shut up) made an accidental comment that made it okay for blacks to be discriminated against. When I pointed out his error, he had the entire thread that Bree made deleted, in an attempt to prevent his and Bree’s errors from becoming well-known obviously.

Bree eventually sent me an email on that site saying she was lost cause (meaning I would be unable to lead her to Christ successfully) because she had been ruined by others (which she apparently meant had harassed and deceived her).

After a few years went by, Bree eventually deleted her profile, and I could it was from people against Mormonism and harassment from people against religion. Despite her atheist moderator friends being against all religion, she remained a defender of obeying God, sadly, only with her mouth. What she believes now after she deleted her profile, I don’t know.

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