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In Punnet Wants To Pollute St. Paul

Excerpts from the Friday edition of Coast to Coast A.M., hosted unfortunately by Ian Punnet that night:

Ian: "I’m being sent to a new church in St. Paul" (maybe because the church you’re at now is sick of your snorting and dumb jokes),

"the rapture concept … is a fairly new idea and that it’s not written anywhere in the bible in the way they talk about." (amazing you actually got something about the Bible right, apparently your not continuously possessed by a demon after all)

"It’s a matter of how you look at scripture… if you didn’t know to look for it [a concept in the Bible], Bible scholars will say it isn’t there."

Wrong liar: Bible scholars don’t say that, and that logic doesn’t even make sense. Since when do Bible scholars say, "If you don’t see it’s not there" as you stated in a nonsensical way? And so if someone who doesn’t know Jesus went into a temple and doesn’t know to look for that in the Bible, can’t learn that he was in a temple no matter how many times they read in the Bible that he was? And since no one was born with innate knowledge of Bible specifics like that, how then could anyone understand that Bible Ian? And Ian, since when does anyone need to magically know before hand to look for something to find it? Why would they Ian? And how could they know to look for it if no one else knows what is in the Bible except God? So, no one who is born magically knowing something, won’t be able to know that something through learning huh? Wrong again Ian.

"Do ships have souls?" … "the (guest) author is going to discuss whether or not ships have souls, which I also find totally trippy"

Ian, do rocks have souls? Does your fingernail have a soul? Do your hairs have souls? Do pages have souls? Do book have souls? Are you a half spiritually blind heretic who doesn’t know how to tell a living thing from a non-living thing? Are you seriously so stupid and blind that you’d ask Jesus if it’s ok to eat dead meat or if it hurts a rock when you throw it? Sickening.

Ian says to the guest author: "it almost seems like you have to have psychic powers before you get there: [meaning] your being tested as an author and a documentary film maker"

That doesn’t make sense Ian: Why would it seem like you need to be able to read someone’s mind before going anywhere to write about that place accurately? So to you it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to document the events going on in some location unless you read the minds of the people there from a different location? You’re really confused.

When a caller said something to the guest about how the Queen Mary was one of the most haunted places, a place that had active ghosts, Ian replied, "that’s cool". And if I remember right, said "cool" twice. So, to Ian, it’s cool that there are demons terrorizing, annoying and deceiving people, or in his liberal heretical view, that there are human souls "trapped" (as morons like him speculate) here on Earth, in torment, obviously insane, rather than with God. What a moral "Christian" leader and human being Ian is – not.

Ian would you think it’s neat if you a spirit ransacked your house and scratched your body all over and kept you awake at night all night long? I bet he’d just think, "Neat God is testing me to see if I’ll stick to my arbitrary beliefs and giving me new material to talk about on Coast to Coast."

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