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George Noory + Gary Spivey = Ultra Stupidity

George just a little while ago was interviewing Gary Spivey, whom I’ve named, The Psychic Honkey Tonk Poodle. This man claimed to he had healed a woman who called into the show of her eating disorders, saying it was due to "food disorder demons". He then asked her if she felt a warm feeling in her belly, and claimed it was due to angels. If it’s so easy for him to cure people of their eating problems why is he so fat? Or why doesn’t this anti-Christian poodle-wig-spandex-wearing version of Pat Robertson use angels to make his hair naturally like a poodle’s? Why does he need a wig? Or why doesn’t he call a divine glowing white poodle-wig from heaven, all nice and poofy and with it’s own air-conditioning system? How can millions of people fall for such an absurd man, a man who just makes up nonsense left and right? It will be no surprise to me when the anti-Christ appears and easily leads people to start robbing, slaughting and sexually abusing Christians of all ages.

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