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Linda Moulton Howe – Anti-Christian?

Linda Moulton Howe, an award-winning  Majestic-12 document-obsessed news reporter, is an anti-Christian bigot and fear-monger. Once again she has let her bigot views be known on Coast to Coast A.M. radio (tonight, a few minutes ago). This time she called the word "demon" one of the words that she includes in what she said were, "language boxes". This she said in reply to George Noory when he asked her what she thought of Brother Dimond’s belief that aliens were demons. Her reply makes no sense since no Christian has ever been recorded as forbidding calling aliens “aliens” or forbidding anything, but foul language and whatever they considered heresies, and what Christian ever forbade saying something like, “I wonder if the demon we saw was really an alien”? And what does miss expert on religion and aliens Howe think about demons? Should they only be called aliens? Is she an expert on spirits that harass, possess and haunt? Are these things “Grays” to her?! Isn’t she the one with the language box if she won’t even simply consider that some aliens are demons imitating other aliens or making up a race that doesn’t exist?

Further it’s a contradiction as she is the one who is avoiding words, like "demon" and limiting them to what she desires to call things. After giving her "language box" phrase she said that she was instead interested in who we are and where we came from and that obviously UFO’s are interested in Earth and she wants to know why (yet another question-hankerer who rejects the instinctive knowledge that we are here to get to know one another and love another and to glorify God).

Linda is to bigoted against religion and fundamentalist Christians and therefore will not consider that aliens or "time-traveling humans from the future" that she considers people in UFO’s might be, might be interested in demons, Christians, religion, or angels showing non-Christian humans on Earth that greater beings than them do exist, like demons, angels, humans in Heaven, and God, or doing this also to help prevent Christians from losing faith in God and the Bible (which, sadly, the illogical consider as evidence or possible evidence against the Bible).

Linda’s logic is also arbitrary, as she no doubt believes in UFO visitations in the past and that aliens manipulated our evolution, yet she ignores religious history which using her logic, they may have deliberately manipulated as well. Why is she only interested in the possibility that aliens manipulated our evolution? How is she not aware that if aliens manipulated our evolution (so that we became self-reflecting animals with language and thinking abilities far superior to all animals) that that would have had a major influence on our religious beliefs and would have allowed for us to become religious unlike animals, or far more religious than animals (no one has seen an animal worshiping God)? So, using Linda’s warped, nutty, evil logic, evolution has nothing to do with religion and religion is nothing but a box that prevents people from learning who we are and why greater beings would be interested in us and Earth,and so then, these things are meaningless and boxes to Linda, the award winning reporter of new and helpful knowledge:

Worship God only, love your neighbor as yourself, don’t worship imaginary gods, don’t hate anyone, don’t steal, don’t lie, honor your parents, don’t cheat on your husband or wife, don’t rape, don’t neglect your child or children, don’t murder, believe only that which there is evidence for or he who is trustworthy if there is no evidence for a thing, test all things.

She might as well say, "Science and universal goodness, and religious history and people and what they do or have done are unhelpful and should not be talked about."

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