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Coast to Coast Hosts “Father” Andrew Wingate: A Racially Stereotyping Bigot (and Catholic Too!)

After listening to Coast to Coast early in the morning for the second time (the 5/28/2009 show), it occurred to me that one of his Catholic guests, "Father" Andrew Wingate, made a racial stereotype about Asians (and all races in general), that being that because China is composed of Chinese, and no other race, that they all have a common goal and (nonsensically seemed to imply that therefore they are patient). He contrasted them to Americans, whom he said weren’t patient because they were composed of many races, and therefore weren’t American (as in white American). So then: the African and white British slaves in America weren’t American, the Chinese railroad workers weren’t American, Native Americans weren’t American, the Jews weren’t American, and they were never in America, it was just all white people. no non-whites were American! Stupid. And this "Father" claims that "our Lord" told him that he would be a bishop in the future. No doubt "our Lord" was some demon.

During that show someone called in and vehemntly declared to the world that "if anyone thinks ‘Father’ Wingate is a kookt, all they need to do is listen to the prophecy of General George Patton" (a prophecy which wasn’t about Andrew Wingate at all). So, what in the world did it have to do with "Father" Wingate not being a kook? Nothing, but George and Wingate just acted like the ranter caller was right. I wonder if Satan sent in that caller to distract everyone from realizing the "Father" Wingates bigoted remarks.

It is also insulting for him to claim that every single American is impatient and that all the Christians are impatient (of which he included Catholics, maybe by accident, or perhaps on purpose in order to play Lord over them).

None of the few callers who called in to the show said anything bad about any of the guests – I wonder if the ones that want to get filtered out by the call-taker and whoever is directly in charge of the call-taker.

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