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Ways of Imaginary Change: Coast to Coast AM Hosts Yet Another Mystery-Obsessed Anti-Fundamentalist

George is interviewing "Marshall"who said that "knowledge is intelligence" (uh no get a dictionary) and that fundamentalist Christianity was bad because it has absolutes which people want to have certainty in their lives. A few seconds later he said , "I believe that the essence of religion is mystery and not absolute truth." A clear truth-hating mystery/question-addict that guest is. He kept talking over and over about a "Great Ways of Change" (movement) but not saying what it was (yet more vaguery), and that big institutions were bad (Christian ones in his mind no doubt), and would have a harder time during the "Ways of Change". He then said that we need to find out what right and wrong is: UH WHAT?: How can we do that if this guest says there are no absolutes or that "mysteries" are more important?! And how would this guest know right from wrong if he rejects what is universally considered wrong, which is, to worship imaginary things, steal, lie, murder, and hate others who’ve done no wrong?

What idiot can’t see that change happens every second? Who doesn’t know that every change on Earth has already been made? Who doesn’t know that there are hundreds of thousands of religions and philosophies different from fundamentalist Christianity and that despite their violent and deceptive "Ways of Change" they still can’t beat fundamentalist Christians? And "The Church" (not the false Catholic "The Church", but "The Fundamentalists") were even wiped out (no thanks to the pagan Romans and no thanks to them when they became worse and transformed into Catholic Romans), and that even though the Church on Earth was dead or virtually dead, God made them into millions again a little while after the Reformation – God resurrected his Church on Earth. So then, unfortunately for guest Marshall, "fundamentalist Christians" are undefeatable and not changeable.

Marshall also said that he had a feeling that he’d be living through a turbulent time of change… oooo special. Like nothing new ever happens and no one ever experiences and "turbulence" in their lives? And big suprise, this guest is pushing a book, his own book, and can you guess it’s title? Yeah. Why does Coast to Coast keep promoting vague bigots. This must be one of the most destructive vomitous radio shows to ever exist.

Also according to Marshall E.T.s aren’t going to save us but are only going to cause problems for us (Satan seems to hate these "E.T.s/aliens", I wonder why… not).

And no big suprise to me, yet again no one calls in to oppose the guest. I wonder if it’s probably because the people who have real wisdom think that people like Marshal are so blatantly wrong that there is no point in calling in. Or maybe it’s because Coast to Coast filters out the opposition (oh the mysteries!).

One caller said to Marshal, "I love your positive (ideas for helping ourselves) and then asked, "…what is a positive vision of a leader going to be…?" What the Hell, why say "positive"? – just in case Marshal decides to lie, and right after praising Marshal for his positivity huh? – yet another confused guest.

No doubt there is more common typical stupidity that comes from MarshalL’s mouth that I could refute, but this is enough it seems.

Some final words from this edition of Coast to Coast A.M.:

(A caller flatters Marshall). George replies/panders, "He’s done a good job." The caller (an obvious anti-Christian) then says to George, "I wish you could have people like Marshall on more often (pause) who tell the truth."

Marshall says, "Without knowledge we’re just guessing, and we really don’t know what we’re doing." (No Mr. Wise Way of Change you wouldn’t be able to guess period if you had no knowledge.)

Right after that statement George, ironically, and fittingly, asked:

"How much of this is common sense Marshall?"

Marshall then laughed and says that there isn’t much in the world anymore (you mean there once was Marshall? (When was this Marshall? Just before God flooded the planet and wiped out people like you?). George laughed with Marshall.

Then just before the show ended, George said to Marshall, "Thankyou, nice job… stay safe everyone."

What an obscene mocking machine Coast to Coast A.M. is.

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