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Michael Savage Says: Hate your enemies

At 9:43 P.M. tonight, Michael Savage gave his reason as to why there was a rise of suicides in the military, or "Screaming Eagles" division of the military. According to him it’s because the liberals of the U.S. federal government forbid the U.S. military from hating their enemy, which leads them to doubt their other mandate, which is to kill the enemy (like "Islamo-facists") and instead they are told to hate global warming.

He’s right I’m sure to a large degree, but for the non-true Christian segment only of the military, the part that loves hate.

Then someone called into the show and said that it was because of poor health care and that anti-depressants are forced on people in the military if they are having emotional problems.

I believe if there is such a rise, it’s due to the portrayal of the U.S. military on places like Youtube, the cold behavior of other U.S. military officers in their unit, including their military-officer leaders, the sense of feeling rejected by the world, the fear of being blown to pieces by a bomb for no good reason, the feeling that it is their fault for the Islamic war going on, as they might think from listening to people such as Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and David Duke, and that if they kill anyone in the middle east at the command of the military officer/s, it would be or could be murder. Perhaps it is also because of the fear of the married ones or ones with girlfriends, that when they leave the military, their wives or girlfriends will have fallen out of love with them, or have already shown such signs.

So much for "Love your enemies".

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