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Whitley Streiber and George Noory – Gurus of Stupidity

Yesterday night Whitley Streiber was a guest on Coast to Coast A.M. and was there to give his -2 cents on the demons being UFOs show last night. Well, according to Whitley, people who believe in the Bible can only believe in three types of beings: angels, demons, and humans, and that the problem with this is "size" and that because the universe is very large, that can’t be right, and that a large gap in the universe is another universe interacting with ours, and that prominent scientists have said there are other universes, and that there will soon be a super-collider experiment once the scientists get it working. He also said that we have no idea about how great the conception of God is, but that we must be humble and admit that we do not know what’s out there. When George asked him what he thought of the "rigid" Catholic "Brother" (the "The Most Holy Family" monestary, nah that’s not arrogant to call youself), Whitley replied, "When we find that our faith makes us small…". A little while later he said,

"I’m not even sure there was a big bang." … "There is a large body of work that shows the universe is cyclical, and that there were many big bangs."

Problems with Whitley’s rant:

1) I believe in aliens as do many other people who believe in the Bible, so what the Hell is he talking about?

2) Who made Whitely my spokesperson let alone that of other Bible-believers? Arrogant.

3) Angels and demons are the same kind of being, they aren’t two different kinds. Whitely doesn’t understand basic teachings of the Bible obviously, so what business does he have teaching what it says? Arrogant.

4) God is a being. How could Whitely forget about God as a being, and yet a few seconds later go on about how amazing God is?

5) How does Whitely know that an expanse of space that doesn’t contain stars is evidence of another universe? His evidence is that a "prominent scientist" said so. That’s not evidence. Famous people, including scientists say things all the time, that doesn’t mean they are telling the truth.

6) Do all scientists claim that the "gap" in the universe is another universe? Why doesn’t Whitely endorse the nay-sayers?

7) Since when does a large empty space mean that there is another universe there? Could Whitely be deluded and a follower of outrageous claims that he thinks refute Christianity?

8) Since when is Whitely a prophet, which he comes close to maing himself out to be when he claims that soon there will be very specific events like a super-collider experiment? If it doesn’t come true will Whitely admit that he’s a false prophet, or an assuming boaster?

9) Whitley contradicted himself by saying that there were other universes and God or anything at all but then saying a few seconds later we must be humble and admit that "we don’t know what’s out there." I do Whitely: I know there is a God, I know that I exist, that all kinds of things exist including stars, comets, asteroids, and galaxies. Why don’t you believe what you sense with your senses Whitely? And who are you to play spokesperson for me and the rest of the world? How are you humble when you do that oh teacher who claims we must be humble? Why do you make youself the expection? Do as you say but not as you do huh?

10) Despite Whitely’s rigid faith, he insults others as being "small" because of theirs. In other words it’s okay for him to have beliefs without doubt, yet others must be doubtful. That’s also a contradiction in that:

11) So what if there is a "large body of work" that says the universe is cyclical? There is are also large body of works that show that God created the universe without using a giant explosion from billions of years ago, but that he created it recently.

12) Whitely seemed to imply that we shouldn’t believe anything scientists say since they don’t all agree; Just because not all scientists agree doesn’t mean that none of them are right Whitley.

13) If we are to be doubtful as Whitley says, then we should doubt what Whitely says too!

A caller called in and told Whitley that he was a Christian, and that he lets his life show it by his bevahior and not so much his words. Whitely replied, "I’m in the same can." What did Whitely mean by that being that he preaches his faith all the time?

Here’s an interesting thing, Jesus said "Be as little children," why are we so afraid to do that, why are we so afraid to face with the world with eyes full of questions, why are we so afraid… when Jesus wanted us to ask questions?"

Whitley does what the Bible forbids ironically, and what I had thought he was doing while typing out this refutation of him, and before hearing him talk about questioning. The Bible condemns question-hankering, in other words, not believing the truth, and doubting it, and instead endlessly questioning everything. Jesus did not teach to "ask questions for the sake of asking or for the fun it". To teach that is to teach people to be mentally ill, not child-like. To be child-like in the way Jesus meant, was to come to him, in other words, to obey his will over ours. That is why the Bible says:

"Jesus called the infants to him and said, ‘Don’t stop the children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.’"

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