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A “Psychic Vampire” Guest On Coast to Coast AM

Sad. Here’s a quote from pagan Coast to Coast AM guest and narcissist  "psychic vampire" Michelle Belanger,

"It comes down to a battle of wills. … It’s that focus and intent." (about 11:40 P.M., 5/26/2009, Coast to Coast A.M.). That’s what she said in response to George asking her about how you can close a portal to Hell once you’ve opened it and how you can handle an evil spirit.

And that is how the world thinks as I repeatedly say, that if you have enough faith in whatever you believe, then your right, then it’s true. When will the world accept what truth and evidence is?

Here are some other revealing conversation snippets of the show from  about 12:26 P.M.:

Michelle: "I need to experience to believe it. … I still have a little bit of that skeptical streak."

George: "It’s healthy."

Michelle (agreeing) "It’s healthy."

And a little while later, before 12:30 P.M.:

"I think it is very healthy to realize that there are psychological factors that can play into our interpretation of that evidence."

Well that sounds very intelligent, and it’s the kind of overcomplicated babble you can expect from a narcissist. What she said was, without using pointless overconmplication, was,

"I think that our emotions can cause us to make bad decisions." Duh? But better than realizing that is rejecting evil, preventing it, and telling others how to; something which the world is very poor at.

At about 12:53 P.M., George once again, George decided to define (not intentionally it seems) what a psychic vampire is, and he said it was someone who repelled others and made them feel drained. What an insult. So if George doesn’t like someone and is exhausted from their refutations of him, and he wants to get away from them, that makes them a "psychic vampire." Then Michelle said that such people took but "don’t give back." And what is "giving back" Miss Vague Michelle? And what would a psychic vampire give back lol? So now there are "good" and "bad" psychic vampires Michelle would have us believe, just like the stupid teaching that there are "good" witches, not just "bad" witches. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day some atheists or pagans when participating in the murder of Christians during the reignof the anti-Christ hunted down Christians using the pretext that Christians were "psychic vampires" despite those same people also calling themselves psychic vampires, and if the Christians used this point to refute them, would get this as a reply from the "vampire hunters": "Yeah but we’re good vampires! But you just make everyone feel bad! That’s why we’re gonna torture, rape and kill you and your kids!"

At about 1:12 A.M. some male called in to the show and said that he and his friend were impressed with Michelle’s powers. Lame. Anyways, he asked what Michelle thought of demons, and her near exact reply (I forget where the second sentence goes) was:

"There is a really different feel to something that I perceive as demonic. Once you feel it you can’t mistake it for anything else ever again. It’s dark it’s icky it’s pervasive. It’s violent, there is an undercurrent of violence to it."

That describes the world, and is a another good example of Michelle’s use of eloquent words to get people to spend their time fawning over her eloquent speech rather than believing the truth. Michelle reminds me of magicians and fraudulent psychics who use show to misdirect those they are trying to get money and praise from. In fact, like most of the guests on Coast to Coast A.M., Michelle is selling a book, and Coast to Coast is promoting it.

Another caller called in about about 1:20, and said to Michelle:

"Your message and everything you say comes out as really humble." He then asked Michelle a question which I didn’t hear, and Michelle’s reply was:

"Believe that you can," (there’s that faith nonsense again) "sometimes reality can push back." (oh that dang reality! Just have more faith world to push it back!) "… Sometimes we don’t realize that our intentions are selfish." (And?) "…reality does guide you when you have that ability." "In other words she said,

"That which is real guides us if we have [whatever ability she said]." So, real things can guide us huh Michelle, but only if we have a certain ability? Wow how profound Michelle to tell us that real things can guide us! I never new that sign posts, letters, books, shows, movies, people and God can guide us! But why would we have to have that certain ability to be lead by real things? Unfortunately I didn’t hear what this oh so special ability was that Michelle mentioned, but no doubt it would make no sense. She probably said psychic vampire ability.

At about 1:54: Michelle said to a caller who believed he was psychic and was scared over some supernatural incident, "Approach everything objectively."

I wonder if she knows what objective means.

Speaking of vampires, I must be a water vampire since I drink water, I think I’m a root beer vampire too. I also eat fruits so I mus t be a fruit vampire, and since I eat soup I must be a soup vampire. I even drink the oily liquids of cooks meats sometimes so I must be a cooked-oily-liquids-of-meats vampire too! I’m soooooooo cooooooool! I also breath in oxgyen so I must be an oxygen vampire!!! I also drain electricity from power stations and put it into batteries so I must be a battery vampire! I also download software and music so I must be a software and music vampire! And though rare, I also take change now and then, so I’m a change vampire! But I’m not a bad multi-matter-enegy-vampire: I give back by breathing out carbon dioxide, deffecating, sharing some of the stuff I download, and making journal entries that guide people to the truth for their benefit.

In conclusion: If you wanna be "guided" people, to where the Hell ever, even Hell, be a positive psychic vampire who gives back when you drain people of their "psychic energy". And be vague, use flowery speech, and pander to anyone who praises you for it when you don’t want people to be able to argue against you, want them to exalt you, and to get them to buy more of the same "positive" babble off you.

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