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George Noory Has Yet Another Catholic Deceiver On Air

When will it end? Now Coast to Coast has a guest on promoting the Catholic religion by bashing, UFO’s. Ugh. This guest is so lost, he fell for George just now, leading him to affirm the false claim that Satan only deceives using the UFO and alien phenomenon. That’s DUMB. That confirms the Bible’s prophecy that wicked deceivers would appear in the last days deceiving and being deceived. At least George let everyone knew that he except that the UFO phenomenon is demonic, and there is a demonic element to much of it.

Oh, I just now heard, at about 11:45, that this "Brother" Catholic guest say, "I’ve been attacked numerous times. … physically" by a demon, and that one even tried to crush his head. Wow, that’s some protective God these Catholics have when a harass them physically often eh? I’ll stick with my God, the one who keeps demons from touching me, let alone crushing my head. It helps to be able to spread the gospel when demons aren’t trying to crush your head.

11:50 P.M.: Poor "Brother Catholic propagandist has been shamed by George’s bringing up the countless rapings and molestation by Catholics, to which this "Brother" simply excuses by claiming that these weren’t really Catholics and that they were just trying to scandalize the church and that the teachings of the Catholic Church don’t say to rape or molest anyone (the old, "Well I didn’t actually say I hated you" excuse). Wow, so hundreds of thousands of Catholics that commit "mortal" sins are really not Catholic, they just pretended, and were part of a conspiracy to make real Catholics (who never sin?) look bad. A Catholic is someone who follows Catholic teachings, and if that leads them to commit sexual sins, that those are bad teachings, period. This "Brother" even said what Jesus did while he is being interviewed and teaching on this show, "By their fruits you shall know them." Well the Catholic teachings ARE fruits of the Catholic Church, they aren’t magically pure in and of themselves. Many Catholics claim that the Bible teaches that the Catholic Church is the true Church, but that is false by this simple fact: Catholics worship Mary, and teach others, to, and hide this by sometimes claiming that they merely venerate her. Careful observation however shows that they worship her and exalt her over God and make her out to be a goddess that approves of and excuses fornication or who allows sins to brushed away with donations. The Bible however teaches that a sin can only be removed by the suffering and death of Jesus and Jesus said that we are to worship God only and he even told Satan to worship God alone. Sadly, this "Brother" and George are apart of the very demonic deception that they think they are against. My Godopen their eyes and save them from themselves and Satan.

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