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New York: The Anti-Christ’ Future Home? Coast to Coast A.M. Allows Mass Decption Yet Again

Yesterday night Coast to Coast A.M. featured a guest speaker who babbled about the last days according to Scripture, and according to him New York will be where the anti-Christ rules, and both George and this evil man claimed that it won’t be anyone’s fault when the anti-Christ has anyone mass murder Christians which the guest speaker said would be incredibly horrible. Wow, so the anti-Christ will rule New York and the world, and yet he’s not going to have anyone do his bidding? And yet people will worship this man who spends his time harassing and murdering Christians by the millions? Or are George and this false teacher claiming that the anti-Christ will take over the will power of the world to murder Christians? What a great excuse. What then would be the need to deceive anyone into believing he’s God or the Messiah or anyone period when he can just puppet anyone he wants? The guest speaker also promoted the false teaching that all the Christians would disappear into Heaven once the anti-Christ came to power, or attempted to slaughter them, at which point God would no longer save anyone even if they prayed the right way for forgiveness, which of course makes ZERO sense and is a contradiction, since there would be no Christian to kill or murder if they were in Heaven and no one on Earth would become a Christian if God would no longer forgive anyone. Not suprisingly not a single caller brought up these contradictions, instead all were yes man and praising George left and right.

The only good things I remember this guest speaker teachings was that once you have the Holy Spirit in you you can’t lose him and all Hell can’t defeat you, yay, he taught that salvation is eternal, that the KJV isn’t bad (however he claimed it was as good as any other Bible, which is false), that the anti-Christ is yet to appear, and that a hundreds of thousands of Christians will be persecuted to death by the world (millions is more accurate since there are are at lease 10 million true ones).

When will Coast to Coast A.M. and it’s guests stop discriminating against true Christians? Ironically it’s false teachers of the kind he promoted yesterday night that provoke people to hate the faithful Christians, because they contradict the true Christians and give the impression that they are liars and hypocrites rather than true Christians.

Hopefully God will unblind and save George, his guests, and his wandering listeners before it really is too late for them.

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