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George Noory + Gary Spivey = Ultra Stupidity

George just a little while ago was interviewing Gary Spivey, whom I’ve named, The Psychic Honkey Tonk Poodle. This man claimed to he had healed a woman who called into the show of her eating disorders, saying it was due to "food disorder demons". He then asked her if she felt a warm feeling in her belly, and claimed it was due to angels. If it’s so easy for him to cure people of their eating problems why is he so fat? Or why doesn’t this anti-Christian poodle-wig-spandex-wearing version of Pat Robertson use angels to make his hair naturally like a poodle’s? Why does he need a wig? Or why doesn’t he call a divine glowing white poodle-wig from heaven, all nice and poofy and with it’s own air-conditioning system? How can millions of people fall for such an absurd man, a man who just makes up nonsense left and right? It will be no surprise to me when the anti-Christ appears and easily leads people to start robbing, slaughting and sexually abusing Christians of all ages.

Coast to Coast Hosts “Father” Andrew Wingate: A Racially Stereotyping Bigot (and Catholic Too!)

After listening to Coast to Coast early in the morning for the second time (the 5/28/2009 show), it occurred to me that one of his Catholic guests, "Father" Andrew Wingate, made a racial stereotype about Asians (and all races in general), that being that because China is composed of Chinese, and no other race, that they all have a common goal and (nonsensically seemed to imply that therefore they are patient). He contrasted them to Americans, whom he said weren’t patient because they were composed of many races, and therefore weren’t American (as in white American). So then: the African and white British slaves in America weren’t American, the Chinese railroad workers weren’t American, Native Americans weren’t American, the Jews weren’t American, and they were never in America, it was just all white people. no non-whites were American! Stupid. And this "Father" claims that "our Lord" told him that he would be a bishop in the future. No doubt "our Lord" was some demon.

During that show someone called in and vehemntly declared to the world that "if anyone thinks ‘Father’ Wingate is a kookt, all they need to do is listen to the prophecy of General George Patton" (a prophecy which wasn’t about Andrew Wingate at all). So, what in the world did it have to do with "Father" Wingate not being a kook? Nothing, but George and Wingate just acted like the ranter caller was right. I wonder if Satan sent in that caller to distract everyone from realizing the "Father" Wingates bigoted remarks.

It is also insulting for him to claim that every single American is impatient and that all the Christians are impatient (of which he included Catholics, maybe by accident, or perhaps on purpose in order to play Lord over them).

None of the few callers who called in to the show said anything bad about any of the guests – I wonder if the ones that want to get filtered out by the call-taker and whoever is directly in charge of the call-taker.

Linda Moulton Howe – Anti-Christian?

Linda Moulton Howe, an award-winning  Majestic-12 document-obsessed news reporter, is an anti-Christian bigot and fear-monger. Once again she has let her bigot views be known on Coast to Coast A.M. radio (tonight, a few minutes ago). This time she called the word "demon" one of the words that she includes in what she said were, "language boxes". This she said in reply to George Noory when he asked her what she thought of Brother Dimond’s belief that aliens were demons. Her reply makes no sense since no Christian has ever been recorded as forbidding calling aliens “aliens” or forbidding anything, but foul language and whatever they considered heresies, and what Christian ever forbade saying something like, “I wonder if the demon we saw was really an alien”? And what does miss expert on religion and aliens Howe think about demons? Should they only be called aliens? Is she an expert on spirits that harass, possess and haunt? Are these things “Grays” to her?! Isn’t she the one with the language box if she won’t even simply consider that some aliens are demons imitating other aliens or making up a race that doesn’t exist?

Further it’s a contradiction as she is the one who is avoiding words, like "demon" and limiting them to what she desires to call things. After giving her "language box" phrase she said that she was instead interested in who we are and where we came from and that obviously UFO’s are interested in Earth and she wants to know why (yet another question-hankerer who rejects the instinctive knowledge that we are here to get to know one another and love another and to glorify God).

Linda is to bigoted against religion and fundamentalist Christians and therefore will not consider that aliens or "time-traveling humans from the future" that she considers people in UFO’s might be, might be interested in demons, Christians, religion, or angels showing non-Christian humans on Earth that greater beings than them do exist, like demons, angels, humans in Heaven, and God, or doing this also to help prevent Christians from losing faith in God and the Bible (which, sadly, the illogical consider as evidence or possible evidence against the Bible).

Linda’s logic is also arbitrary, as she no doubt believes in UFO visitations in the past and that aliens manipulated our evolution, yet she ignores religious history which using her logic, they may have deliberately manipulated as well. Why is she only interested in the possibility that aliens manipulated our evolution? How is she not aware that if aliens manipulated our evolution (so that we became self-reflecting animals with language and thinking abilities far superior to all animals) that that would have had a major influence on our religious beliefs and would have allowed for us to become religious unlike animals, or far more religious than animals (no one has seen an animal worshiping God)? So, using Linda’s warped, nutty, evil logic, evolution has nothing to do with religion and religion is nothing but a box that prevents people from learning who we are and why greater beings would be interested in us and Earth,and so then, these things are meaningless and boxes to Linda, the award winning reporter of new and helpful knowledge:

Worship God only, love your neighbor as yourself, don’t worship imaginary gods, don’t hate anyone, don’t steal, don’t lie, honor your parents, don’t cheat on your husband or wife, don’t rape, don’t neglect your child or children, don’t murder, believe only that which there is evidence for or he who is trustworthy if there is no evidence for a thing, test all things.

She might as well say, "Science and universal goodness, and religious history and people and what they do or have done are unhelpful and should not be talked about."

Michael Savage Says: Hate your enemies

At 9:43 P.M. tonight, Michael Savage gave his reason as to why there was a rise of suicides in the military, or "Screaming Eagles" division of the military. According to him it’s because the liberals of the U.S. federal government forbid the U.S. military from hating their enemy, which leads them to doubt their other mandate, which is to kill the enemy (like "Islamo-facists") and instead they are told to hate global warming.

He’s right I’m sure to a large degree, but for the non-true Christian segment only of the military, the part that loves hate.

Then someone called into the show and said that it was because of poor health care and that anti-depressants are forced on people in the military if they are having emotional problems.

I believe if there is such a rise, it’s due to the portrayal of the U.S. military on places like Youtube, the cold behavior of other U.S. military officers in their unit, including their military-officer leaders, the sense of feeling rejected by the world, the fear of being blown to pieces by a bomb for no good reason, the feeling that it is their fault for the Islamic war going on, as they might think from listening to people such as Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and David Duke, and that if they kill anyone in the middle east at the command of the military officer/s, it would be or could be murder. Perhaps it is also because of the fear of the married ones or ones with girlfriends, that when they leave the military, their wives or girlfriends will have fallen out of love with them, or have already shown such signs.

So much for "Love your enemies".

Ways of Imaginary Change: Coast to Coast AM Hosts Yet Another Mystery-Obsessed Anti-Fundamentalist

George is interviewing "Marshall"who said that "knowledge is intelligence" (uh no get a dictionary) and that fundamentalist Christianity was bad because it has absolutes which people want to have certainty in their lives. A few seconds later he said , "I believe that the essence of religion is mystery and not absolute truth." A clear truth-hating mystery/question-addict that guest is. He kept talking over and over about a "Great Ways of Change" (movement) but not saying what it was (yet more vaguery), and that big institutions were bad (Christian ones in his mind no doubt), and would have a harder time during the "Ways of Change". He then said that we need to find out what right and wrong is: UH WHAT?: How can we do that if this guest says there are no absolutes or that "mysteries" are more important?! And how would this guest know right from wrong if he rejects what is universally considered wrong, which is, to worship imaginary things, steal, lie, murder, and hate others who’ve done no wrong?

What idiot can’t see that change happens every second? Who doesn’t know that every change on Earth has already been made? Who doesn’t know that there are hundreds of thousands of religions and philosophies different from fundamentalist Christianity and that despite their violent and deceptive "Ways of Change" they still can’t beat fundamentalist Christians? And "The Church" (not the false Catholic "The Church", but "The Fundamentalists") were even wiped out (no thanks to the pagan Romans and no thanks to them when they became worse and transformed into Catholic Romans), and that even though the Church on Earth was dead or virtually dead, God made them into millions again a little while after the Reformation – God resurrected his Church on Earth. So then, unfortunately for guest Marshall, "fundamentalist Christians" are undefeatable and not changeable.

Marshall also said that he had a feeling that he’d be living through a turbulent time of change… oooo special. Like nothing new ever happens and no one ever experiences and "turbulence" in their lives? And big suprise, this guest is pushing a book, his own book, and can you guess it’s title? Yeah. Why does Coast to Coast keep promoting vague bigots. This must be one of the most destructive vomitous radio shows to ever exist.

Also according to Marshall E.T.s aren’t going to save us but are only going to cause problems for us (Satan seems to hate these "E.T.s/aliens", I wonder why… not).

And no big suprise to me, yet again no one calls in to oppose the guest. I wonder if it’s probably because the people who have real wisdom think that people like Marshal are so blatantly wrong that there is no point in calling in. Or maybe it’s because Coast to Coast filters out the opposition (oh the mysteries!).

One caller said to Marshal, "I love your positive (ideas for helping ourselves) and then asked, "…what is a positive vision of a leader going to be…?" What the Hell, why say "positive"? – just in case Marshal decides to lie, and right after praising Marshal for his positivity huh? – yet another confused guest.

No doubt there is more common typical stupidity that comes from MarshalL’s mouth that I could refute, but this is enough it seems.

Some final words from this edition of Coast to Coast A.M.:

(A caller flatters Marshall). George replies/panders, "He’s done a good job." The caller (an obvious anti-Christian) then says to George, "I wish you could have people like Marshall on more often (pause) who tell the truth."

Marshall says, "Without knowledge we’re just guessing, and we really don’t know what we’re doing." (No Mr. Wise Way of Change you wouldn’t be able to guess period if you had no knowledge.)

Right after that statement George, ironically, and fittingly, asked:

"How much of this is common sense Marshall?"

Marshall then laughed and says that there isn’t much in the world anymore (you mean there once was Marshall? (When was this Marshall? Just before God flooded the planet and wiped out people like you?). George laughed with Marshall.

Then just before the show ended, George said to Marshall, "Thankyou, nice job… stay safe everyone."

What an obscene mocking machine Coast to Coast A.M. is.

Whitley Streiber and George Noory – Gurus of Stupidity

Yesterday night Whitley Streiber was a guest on Coast to Coast A.M. and was there to give his -2 cents on the demons being UFOs show last night. Well, according to Whitley, people who believe in the Bible can only believe in three types of beings: angels, demons, and humans, and that the problem with this is "size" and that because the universe is very large, that can’t be right, and that a large gap in the universe is another universe interacting with ours, and that prominent scientists have said there are other universes, and that there will soon be a super-collider experiment once the scientists get it working. He also said that we have no idea about how great the conception of God is, but that we must be humble and admit that we do not know what’s out there. When George asked him what he thought of the "rigid" Catholic "Brother" (the "The Most Holy Family" monestary, nah that’s not arrogant to call youself), Whitley replied, "When we find that our faith makes us small…". A little while later he said,

"I’m not even sure there was a big bang." … "There is a large body of work that shows the universe is cyclical, and that there were many big bangs."

Problems with Whitley’s rant:

1) I believe in aliens as do many other people who believe in the Bible, so what the Hell is he talking about?

2) Who made Whitely my spokesperson let alone that of other Bible-believers? Arrogant.

3) Angels and demons are the same kind of being, they aren’t two different kinds. Whitely doesn’t understand basic teachings of the Bible obviously, so what business does he have teaching what it says? Arrogant.

4) God is a being. How could Whitely forget about God as a being, and yet a few seconds later go on about how amazing God is?

5) How does Whitely know that an expanse of space that doesn’t contain stars is evidence of another universe? His evidence is that a "prominent scientist" said so. That’s not evidence. Famous people, including scientists say things all the time, that doesn’t mean they are telling the truth.

6) Do all scientists claim that the "gap" in the universe is another universe? Why doesn’t Whitely endorse the nay-sayers?

7) Since when does a large empty space mean that there is another universe there? Could Whitely be deluded and a follower of outrageous claims that he thinks refute Christianity?

8) Since when is Whitely a prophet, which he comes close to maing himself out to be when he claims that soon there will be very specific events like a super-collider experiment? If it doesn’t come true will Whitely admit that he’s a false prophet, or an assuming boaster?

9) Whitley contradicted himself by saying that there were other universes and God or anything at all but then saying a few seconds later we must be humble and admit that "we don’t know what’s out there." I do Whitely: I know there is a God, I know that I exist, that all kinds of things exist including stars, comets, asteroids, and galaxies. Why don’t you believe what you sense with your senses Whitely? And who are you to play spokesperson for me and the rest of the world? How are you humble when you do that oh teacher who claims we must be humble? Why do you make youself the expection? Do as you say but not as you do huh?

10) Despite Whitely’s rigid faith, he insults others as being "small" because of theirs. In other words it’s okay for him to have beliefs without doubt, yet others must be doubtful. That’s also a contradiction in that:

11) So what if there is a "large body of work" that says the universe is cyclical? There is are also large body of works that show that God created the universe without using a giant explosion from billions of years ago, but that he created it recently.

12) Whitely seemed to imply that we shouldn’t believe anything scientists say since they don’t all agree; Just because not all scientists agree doesn’t mean that none of them are right Whitley.

13) If we are to be doubtful as Whitley says, then we should doubt what Whitely says too!

A caller called in and told Whitley that he was a Christian, and that he lets his life show it by his bevahior and not so much his words. Whitely replied, "I’m in the same can." What did Whitely mean by that being that he preaches his faith all the time?

Here’s an interesting thing, Jesus said "Be as little children," why are we so afraid to do that, why are we so afraid to face with the world with eyes full of questions, why are we so afraid… when Jesus wanted us to ask questions?"

Whitley does what the Bible forbids ironically, and what I had thought he was doing while typing out this refutation of him, and before hearing him talk about questioning. The Bible condemns question-hankering, in other words, not believing the truth, and doubting it, and instead endlessly questioning everything. Jesus did not teach to "ask questions for the sake of asking or for the fun it". To teach that is to teach people to be mentally ill, not child-like. To be child-like in the way Jesus meant, was to come to him, in other words, to obey his will over ours. That is why the Bible says:

"Jesus called the infants to him and said, ‘Don’t stop the children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.’"

A “Psychic Vampire” Guest On Coast to Coast AM

Sad. Here’s a quote from pagan Coast to Coast AM guest and narcissist  "psychic vampire" Michelle Belanger,

"It comes down to a battle of wills. … It’s that focus and intent." (about 11:40 P.M., 5/26/2009, Coast to Coast A.M.). That’s what she said in response to George asking her about how you can close a portal to Hell once you’ve opened it and how you can handle an evil spirit.

And that is how the world thinks as I repeatedly say, that if you have enough faith in whatever you believe, then your right, then it’s true. When will the world accept what truth and evidence is?

Here are some other revealing conversation snippets of the show from  about 12:26 P.M.:

Michelle: "I need to experience to believe it. … I still have a little bit of that skeptical streak."

George: "It’s healthy."

Michelle (agreeing) "It’s healthy."

And a little while later, before 12:30 P.M.:

"I think it is very healthy to realize that there are psychological factors that can play into our interpretation of that evidence."

Well that sounds very intelligent, and it’s the kind of overcomplicated babble you can expect from a narcissist. What she said was, without using pointless overconmplication, was,

"I think that our emotions can cause us to make bad decisions." Duh? But better than realizing that is rejecting evil, preventing it, and telling others how to; something which the world is very poor at.

At about 12:53 P.M., George once again, George decided to define (not intentionally it seems) what a psychic vampire is, and he said it was someone who repelled others and made them feel drained. What an insult. So if George doesn’t like someone and is exhausted from their refutations of him, and he wants to get away from them, that makes them a "psychic vampire." Then Michelle said that such people took but "don’t give back." And what is "giving back" Miss Vague Michelle? And what would a psychic vampire give back lol? So now there are "good" and "bad" psychic vampires Michelle would have us believe, just like the stupid teaching that there are "good" witches, not just "bad" witches. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day some atheists or pagans when participating in the murder of Christians during the reignof the anti-Christ hunted down Christians using the pretext that Christians were "psychic vampires" despite those same people also calling themselves psychic vampires, and if the Christians used this point to refute them, would get this as a reply from the "vampire hunters": "Yeah but we’re good vampires! But you just make everyone feel bad! That’s why we’re gonna torture, rape and kill you and your kids!"

At about 1:12 A.M. some male called in to the show and said that he and his friend were impressed with Michelle’s powers. Lame. Anyways, he asked what Michelle thought of demons, and her near exact reply (I forget where the second sentence goes) was:

"There is a really different feel to something that I perceive as demonic. Once you feel it you can’t mistake it for anything else ever again. It’s dark it’s icky it’s pervasive. It’s violent, there is an undercurrent of violence to it."

That describes the world, and is a another good example of Michelle’s use of eloquent words to get people to spend their time fawning over her eloquent speech rather than believing the truth. Michelle reminds me of magicians and fraudulent psychics who use show to misdirect those they are trying to get money and praise from. In fact, like most of the guests on Coast to Coast A.M., Michelle is selling a book, and Coast to Coast is promoting it.

Another caller called in about about 1:20, and said to Michelle:

"Your message and everything you say comes out as really humble." He then asked Michelle a question which I didn’t hear, and Michelle’s reply was:

"Believe that you can," (there’s that faith nonsense again) "sometimes reality can push back." (oh that dang reality! Just have more faith world to push it back!) "… Sometimes we don’t realize that our intentions are selfish." (And?) "…reality does guide you when you have that ability." "In other words she said,

"That which is real guides us if we have [whatever ability she said]." So, real things can guide us huh Michelle, but only if we have a certain ability? Wow how profound Michelle to tell us that real things can guide us! I never new that sign posts, letters, books, shows, movies, people and God can guide us! But why would we have to have that certain ability to be lead by real things? Unfortunately I didn’t hear what this oh so special ability was that Michelle mentioned, but no doubt it would make no sense. She probably said psychic vampire ability.

At about 1:54: Michelle said to a caller who believed he was psychic and was scared over some supernatural incident, "Approach everything objectively."

I wonder if she knows what objective means.

Speaking of vampires, I must be a water vampire since I drink water, I think I’m a root beer vampire too. I also eat fruits so I mus t be a fruit vampire, and since I eat soup I must be a soup vampire. I even drink the oily liquids of cooks meats sometimes so I must be a cooked-oily-liquids-of-meats vampire too! I’m soooooooo cooooooool! I also breath in oxgyen so I must be an oxygen vampire!!! I also drain electricity from power stations and put it into batteries so I must be a battery vampire! I also download software and music so I must be a software and music vampire! And though rare, I also take change now and then, so I’m a change vampire! But I’m not a bad multi-matter-enegy-vampire: I give back by breathing out carbon dioxide, deffecating, sharing some of the stuff I download, and making journal entries that guide people to the truth for their benefit.

In conclusion: If you wanna be "guided" people, to where the Hell ever, even Hell, be a positive psychic vampire who gives back when you drain people of their "psychic energy". And be vague, use flowery speech, and pander to anyone who praises you for it when you don’t want people to be able to argue against you, want them to exalt you, and to get them to buy more of the same "positive" babble off you.

George Noory Has Yet Another Catholic Deceiver On Air

When will it end? Now Coast to Coast has a guest on promoting the Catholic religion by bashing, UFO’s. Ugh. This guest is so lost, he fell for George just now, leading him to affirm the false claim that Satan only deceives using the UFO and alien phenomenon. That’s DUMB. That confirms the Bible’s prophecy that wicked deceivers would appear in the last days deceiving and being deceived. At least George let everyone knew that he except that the UFO phenomenon is demonic, and there is a demonic element to much of it.

Oh, I just now heard, at about 11:45, that this "Brother" Catholic guest say, "I’ve been attacked numerous times. … physically" by a demon, and that one even tried to crush his head. Wow, that’s some protective God these Catholics have when a harass them physically often eh? I’ll stick with my God, the one who keeps demons from touching me, let alone crushing my head. It helps to be able to spread the gospel when demons aren’t trying to crush your head.

11:50 P.M.: Poor "Brother Catholic propagandist has been shamed by George’s bringing up the countless rapings and molestation by Catholics, to which this "Brother" simply excuses by claiming that these weren’t really Catholics and that they were just trying to scandalize the church and that the teachings of the Catholic Church don’t say to rape or molest anyone (the old, "Well I didn’t actually say I hated you" excuse). Wow, so hundreds of thousands of Catholics that commit "mortal" sins are really not Catholic, they just pretended, and were part of a conspiracy to make real Catholics (who never sin?) look bad. A Catholic is someone who follows Catholic teachings, and if that leads them to commit sexual sins, that those are bad teachings, period. This "Brother" even said what Jesus did while he is being interviewed and teaching on this show, "By their fruits you shall know them." Well the Catholic teachings ARE fruits of the Catholic Church, they aren’t magically pure in and of themselves. Many Catholics claim that the Bible teaches that the Catholic Church is the true Church, but that is false by this simple fact: Catholics worship Mary, and teach others, to, and hide this by sometimes claiming that they merely venerate her. Careful observation however shows that they worship her and exalt her over God and make her out to be a goddess that approves of and excuses fornication or who allows sins to brushed away with donations. The Bible however teaches that a sin can only be removed by the suffering and death of Jesus and Jesus said that we are to worship God only and he even told Satan to worship God alone. Sadly, this "Brother" and George are apart of the very demonic deception that they think they are against. My Godopen their eyes and save them from themselves and Satan.

New York: The Anti-Christ’ Future Home? Coast to Coast A.M. Allows Mass Decption Yet Again

Yesterday night Coast to Coast A.M. featured a guest speaker who babbled about the last days according to Scripture, and according to him New York will be where the anti-Christ rules, and both George and this evil man claimed that it won’t be anyone’s fault when the anti-Christ has anyone mass murder Christians which the guest speaker said would be incredibly horrible. Wow, so the anti-Christ will rule New York and the world, and yet he’s not going to have anyone do his bidding? And yet people will worship this man who spends his time harassing and murdering Christians by the millions? Or are George and this false teacher claiming that the anti-Christ will take over the will power of the world to murder Christians? What a great excuse. What then would be the need to deceive anyone into believing he’s God or the Messiah or anyone period when he can just puppet anyone he wants? The guest speaker also promoted the false teaching that all the Christians would disappear into Heaven once the anti-Christ came to power, or attempted to slaughter them, at which point God would no longer save anyone even if they prayed the right way for forgiveness, which of course makes ZERO sense and is a contradiction, since there would be no Christian to kill or murder if they were in Heaven and no one on Earth would become a Christian if God would no longer forgive anyone. Not suprisingly not a single caller brought up these contradictions, instead all were yes man and praising George left and right.

The only good things I remember this guest speaker teachings was that once you have the Holy Spirit in you you can’t lose him and all Hell can’t defeat you, yay, he taught that salvation is eternal, that the KJV isn’t bad (however he claimed it was as good as any other Bible, which is false), that the anti-Christ is yet to appear, and that a hundreds of thousands of Christians will be persecuted to death by the world (millions is more accurate since there are are at lease 10 million true ones).

When will Coast to Coast A.M. and it’s guests stop discriminating against true Christians? Ironically it’s false teachers of the kind he promoted yesterday night that provoke people to hate the faithful Christians, because they contradict the true Christians and give the impression that they are liars and hypocrites rather than true Christians.

Hopefully God will unblind and save George, his guests, and his wandering listeners before it really is too late for them.

A Deluded Anti-Christian Kid Doctor and Neuroscientist Reveals His Sick Mind

Yet another (extremely annoying and pompous) anti-Christian "scientist: ironically a neuroscientist, shows the world how confused and dark his mind is:

Guest Dr. Melvin Morse, a neuroscientist and pediatrician, said on Coast to Coast A.M. on 5/21/2009:

"Concepts like evil and demons are just stuff we make up with out own minds to understand this spiritual reality." The pandering pagan host George Noory replied: "That’s fascinating." Yeah that a "mainstream" scientist and doctor claim that evil is "whatever" is just so fascinating ain’t it?

A little while before that George said to Melvin, (and the world) that he was amazed that kids never say that some evil thing tries to snatch them when they go to some spiritual "level". George was implying that these spiritual places the kids see or go to are not deceptions of demons, but the evil-free pathway or realm of God. So, using George’s logic: If a kid doesn’t report something bad happening when they see a spiritual place or go there, it must be good. Strange that Melvin would shoot down that implication with, "good is whatever", while sounding elated that they never report any "evil" spiritual events.

George is wrong, as on Youtube there is in fact the testimony of a child who reported being in Hell or having a supernatual vision of it (I forget which), and there are reports by kids of demon harassment or sightings (backed up by video and audio recording evidence).

Furthermore, the Bible itself contains testimony that there are demons.

Melvin’s implication that evil and demons are merely the invention of adults because, "Adults become hateful" and that kids are not hateful is also wrong, and shamefully and horrifically stupid being that he’s a pediatrician and neuroscientist, and should know even better than people who don’t study the behavior of kids or are not exposed to them much. Further he has at least one child of his own. How can he be so blind as to imply that kids are never hateful? Even on the Coast to Coast AM website is a link to one of the most popular paranormal stories in the world at the moment in which a man recounts how four demons harassed him as a child and three other children apart of his family for months, and how one or more even raped his mom. Though that happened in this world and not some other dimension, it doesn’t mean that demons don’t have the ability to create a false image in someone’s mind, like one of being in front of a tunnel with a light at the end of it, or in Heaven (where demons, as angels, once lived). And is George not aware that demons can possess people, and that when they become depossessed, sometimes have no memory of being possessed? Clearly both George and Melvin are so self-centered and arrogant that they are blind to the obvious and lack basic common sense, though sometimes George doesn’t seem to believe what he is saying, but is being deceptive by trying to make his show, himself, and his guests appear to be worth paying attention to, doing so by making positive-sounding talk and agreeing with nearly everything his guests say.

About 48 minutes later in the show, Melvin, in his arrogance, said that he was "surprised" at how mundane miracles are, and then said, "The miraculous is mundane, it’s ordinary." No Melvin, miracles aren’t ordinary; if they were common then everyone would believe in them, but obviously as you yourself acknowledged on your website, there are many disbelievers, so many that it wears you out, furthermore, the word miracle means "an amazing supernatural event (observed in the physical world by physical beings)", not, "a boring common event…" as you misdefined and mistaught to the world, including kids. The definitions on are:

1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.

3. a wonder; marvel.

4. a wonderful or surpassing example of some quality: a miracle of modern acoustics.

That these two are preaching this stupidity to the world, and are being exalted by the world for it is sickening and sign of the great evil that is growing in the world.

"Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."
                                                                      2 Timothy 4:2-4

Michio Kaku: The Blind Physicist Who Elected Himself Spokesperson for All Scientists

May 16, 2009 2 comments

“when you ask where physical law comes from, then you run into big problems” – Michio Kaku, December 18, 2002

“when someone asks us where string theory came from, at that point we just throw up our hands, we don’t know” – Michio Kaku, December 18, 2002

You don’t speak for all scientists Mich, and it was hateful for you to claim that creation scientist Christians say that they don’t know where the physical laws of the universe came from. Disorder doesn’t lead to order, and as you yourself said, on December 18, 2002, the chance of life coming about on its own is near to zero, which is a lie, since life can only come about from order, not disorder, so it is not near to zero, it is zero.

Update 4/15/2011:

Other Information on Michio’s Character

I found more info about Michio’s character some days ago, but because my laptop doesn’t have enough memory to handle what I do to it, I’ve delayed posting this info for a long while. But this is what I found on Mainstream Scientist Peter Woit’s blog:

A commenter points out that on [Michio’s] MySpace site [Michio] has posted a copy of a forthcoming article by him that is supposed to appear in New Scientist. It is about the controversy over string theory, but doesn’t at all deal with the criticisms of the theory contained in my book and Smolin’s. It does contain a thoroughly dishonest paragraph about me, misrepresenting my position at Columbia (Kaku is well aware than I am a faculty member and teach graduate courses here, as well as administering the department computer system), and describing me as a “former particle physicist” (he’s well aware I have recently written a book on the subject of particle physics and continue to conduct research on the subject; then again, many people consider him to be a “former particle physicist”). He ascribes my criticism of string theory to jealousy over having been turned down for tenured positions at prestigious universities in favor of string theorists, and misquotes something I wrote about string theory:

String theory has only a “poetic relationship” to reality.

I never have said or written anything like this.

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Spontaneous and Evolutionary Transitional Stupidity Unearthed From 2007 A.D.!

Lest this parrot I discovered on gets the last word and fool more people into thinking he is right, or rather that this hoax known as The Miller Urey Experiment was valid proof of abiogenesis (and no God):

Quoting a pretentious parrot:

Actually, the Miller-Urey experiment is quite valid.

And btw, the archaeopteryx (i think i’ve spelt it right) is a transitional animal we have found directly in fossils, one between reptile and bird.


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Beware the Man in the Shadow


Well because you said so! Actually, you’re quite mentally lazy (Jeeves please bring my tea snoot snoot). Pretentious Pendantic Parrot, using catchy useless phrases from narcissists doesn’t make you wise except in that you recognize how to appear wise to some other gullible people like yourself, yes, quite. Arn’t I smart, I said "quite". I’m to above everyone else to speak plainly, for their benefit, cuz I’m smart.

Why the Miller–Urey research argues against abiogenesis

And now moving on to the other moronic statement:

"And btw, the archaeopteryx (i think i’ve spelt it right) is a transitional animal we have found directly in fossils, one between reptile and bird."

And btw, the archaeopteryx (I think I bothered to check it was spelled right, you know, not being mentally lazy is cool) is not a transitional animal merely because you said so, especially a parroting, gullible, mentally lazy person like yourself. And btw, did it ever occur to you how stupid it is for you to claim that that is evidence of such a fossil, out of countless fossils, trillions and trillions of them (if you include microscopic ones), which no one has shown to be transitional? Magic! Magic that only this one fossil happens to exist as "transitional" A WORD WHICH YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF. YOU DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO STUDY THAT FOSSIL. IF YOU HAD YOUR GULLIBLE SELF WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THERE IS NO CONCENSUS AMONG THE EVOLUTIONISTS THAT IT IS TRANSITIONAL, and concensus matters to parrots like yourself when it comes to arguing against Christians, cuz magic: concensus makes a thing true. Just ask Wikipedians (some will deny it when they realize an intelligent person who might know better is asking if you can vote something into being true).

Nest time, I mean next time, don’t parrot, or archaeopteryx. Make sure your brain is fully functional like the archaeopteryx is, and transitional like macro-evolution, a.k.a. "evolution".