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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Why Not to Watch It

I watched the first four of five videos of NGE, and it was horrible. Weird, I just have major de ja vu of having read this blog before, and flashbacks of watching tiny pieces of the first episode I downloaded while in the processes of downloading it. Maybe I glanced at your blog before looking for something about the cartoon while downloading it.

Those first few episodes WERE HORRIBLE. VOLTRON WAS WAY MORE EXCITING THAN THIS GARBAGE. I didn’t remember one of the main characters name, some boy, but I think you were talking about him as the protagonist, because he sounds just like what I thought of him: a super idiot-wimp. This boy just starts whining/screaming for no reason while in the bot in of the first episodes. Second there’s no logical reason he’s even in the bot. Being the commander’s son made him qualify, what the Hell? Didn’t other parts of the cartoon imply that it was rare to be able to control the bot, so what would make anyone think the commander’s son should be chosen? Other parts that were childishly insultingly stupid: The pseudo-scientific talk like "AT Field" and magically splitting it with hands made of matter that is a wave and particle at the same time (and the NERV scientists implied that most matter on Earth wasn’t). But those scientists (or rather the dialog writer, is wrong about that: From http://physics.bu.edu/py106/notes/Duality.html :

"Wave-particle duality is not confined to light, however. Everything exhibits wave-particle duality, everything from electrons to baseballs."

And how is it a nuclear missile can’t destroy one of these angels and yet some punches and a knife stab from the bot’s can?

On the religious aspect of the cartoon, why are bots that spend their time destroying and killing called angels rather than demons? You don’t need to be a Christianity expert to know that the word "angel" is usually used in reference to an angel which has not gone astray, and that "demon" is the word that is used to describe an angel which has gone astray and remains rebellious.

Clearly, like all countries, Japan has it’s own share of wretched ignorants.

You can read more about this excruciatingly painful to watch stupid anime series here: http://undisputedtruth.wordpress.com/2008/04/05/neon-genesis-evangelion-sucks

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