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John Michael Greer Is Stupid – But Hopefully God Will Save Him

March 18, 2009 2 comments

Right now John Michael Greer is being interviewed by George Noory on Coast Coast. John is an idiot, and George is an idiot for not rebuking this idiotic babbler who is after our money.

I can tell that George is disappointed with and hates this guy, and I rarely hear George express disgust with a guest – George asked John if he believed that all UFO sightings reported were disinformation (and earlier John the Idiot said that you couldn’t even use science to study the UFO phenomenon because everyone was lying about it even if they didn’t know it) and John said he was more interested in it as a debunking-cultural phenomenon, or something nonsensical like that. Did I mention that John is a high druid? Yet more evidence that pagans are anti-scientific, and that it sure as Hell was not pagans that have been speeding the world along scientifically, and yet this idiot John dares to tell us on Coast to Coast that we humans overestimate our ability to be able to travel through space because of our scientific achievements. Hey John the Moron, message for you: IDIOTS LIKE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS, IDIOTS LIKE YOU HINDER THEM AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO SINCE SATAN, YOUR DAD, STARTED BABBLING HIS STUPIDITY. You’re an underestimating thief and liar who uses cliche babble against real science while pretending to promote real science (anti-Christian big bang and evolution nonsense) to make yourself appear to legitimately love the truth, and to hide your insecurities about how stupid you are, and to decieve everyone into following your magical stupidity so that you can have your way with them.

Here’s a sad description from Wikipedia about John the Pseudo-Scientific Druid:

John Michael Greer (b. 1962) is an author, historian of ideas, Hermeticist and Druid who resides in Ashland, Oregon Ashland, Oregon. He currently serves as the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America Ancient Order of Druids in America, a position he has held since 2002.

John, in his attempt to sound wise, claims that no one can prove a negative. Hey John, if no one can prove a negative, than how do you know that that statement is true? Can you prove that no one can prove a negative? No, but I just proved you can. But have fun claiming that no one can prove that there is no Earth where moon sized ants lounge in Central Park talking about Madonna’s past life as a cybernetic anteater on crack, oh archdruid.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Why Not to Watch It

I watched the first four of five videos of NGE, and it was horrible. Weird, I just have major de ja vu of having read this blog before, and flashbacks of watching tiny pieces of the first episode I downloaded while in the processes of downloading it. Maybe I glanced at your blog before looking for something about the cartoon while downloading it.

Those first few episodes WERE HORRIBLE. VOLTRON WAS WAY MORE EXCITING THAN THIS GARBAGE. I didn’t remember one of the main characters name, some boy, but I think you were talking about him as the protagonist, because he sounds just like what I thought of him: a super idiot-wimp. This boy just starts whining/screaming for no reason while in the bot in of the first episodes. Second there’s no logical reason he’s even in the bot. Being the commander’s son made him qualify, what the Hell? Didn’t other parts of the cartoon imply that it was rare to be able to control the bot, so what would make anyone think the commander’s son should be chosen? Other parts that were childishly insultingly stupid: The pseudo-scientific talk like "AT Field" and magically splitting it with hands made of matter that is a wave and particle at the same time (and the NERV scientists implied that most matter on Earth wasn’t). But those scientists (or rather the dialog writer, is wrong about that: From :

"Wave-particle duality is not confined to light, however. Everything exhibits wave-particle duality, everything from electrons to baseballs."

And how is it a nuclear missile can’t destroy one of these angels and yet some punches and a knife stab from the bot’s can?

On the religious aspect of the cartoon, why are bots that spend their time destroying and killing called angels rather than demons? You don’t need to be a Christianity expert to know that the word "angel" is usually used in reference to an angel which has not gone astray, and that "demon" is the word that is used to describe an angel which has gone astray and remains rebellious.

Clearly, like all countries, Japan has it’s own share of wretched ignorants.

You can read more about this excruciatingly painful to watch stupid anime series here:

Terminators and Artificial Neural Networks – Part 2

World’s Fastest Robot
Computational Neuroscientists And Engineers Build Robot That Teaches Itself To Walk Up And Down Hills

December 1, 2007 — Computational neuroscientists designed a robot that teaches itself how to walk on differing terrain. The RunBot uses an infrared eye to detect slopes, and adjusts its gait for the smoothest walk. From repeated attempts it matches the degree of slope to the appropriate length of step and movement of joints. Essentially, the robot learns to walk on uneven ground in the same way as a child.

Read the rest of the story here.

Media Propaganda Triangles

Yahoo and Google have formed separate anti-Christian propaganda triangles, each one having the same agenda: to unite the world against Christ.  Yahoo! has primarily allied itself with Digg and Wikipedia, and Google: Time Warner (AOL and CNN) ( and Wikipedia.

Though Google does not directly utilize Digg, Digg pages often turn up in the search results of Google. Google’s owners clearly realize Digg is a powerful propaganda tool and have logically then tried to acquire it. One of their offers to buy Digg was $200 million. Yahoo! has also tried to directly combine forces with Wikipedia:

Other powerful propaganda media machines in competition with each other are:, Web Networks (a liberal "Christian" company controlled by cold-hearted liberals), (whos CEO via "moderators" skew product reviews, especially book reviews, allowing Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pro-Calvinism books to be bashed by false reviews, including by the same users for a single book, while deleting negative reviews against Pro-Darwin books), National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Discover Magazine, Popular Science, Scientific American, New Scientist,, and Do you notice the common theme among these machines? They use "Science" and Discovery (Learning "New" Things) as disguise to make themselves appear to be wisemen and women who bring you the truth and who are on a quest to learn it themselves (as if to say, "We’re open minded to everything, even to what you have to say stupid little people with your nutty beliefs, so keep listening to us, we might finally agree with whatever you say is true."). However, one thing they will not agree with, is Intelligent Design and Genesis.

Though false teachers like Francis S. Collins with their ridiculous narcassitic books pretend to believe in Genesis, they in fact don’t believe it, but believe their false interpretations of Genesis. For example Francis, via a dead Catholic panderer named Augustine, pretends that Augustine knew about science, and that Augustine taught that "science" is what the Bible will conform too. And uses that magical rationalization, Francis arbitrarily interprets the creation of the universe as the Big Bang event. In other words, Genesis isn’t literal, and it means whatever Francis feels it must mean. Therefore Francis is just using science as a disguise for his interpreting the Bible with his feelings above all else, rather than with reliable evidence above feelings. Reliable evidence would be the Bible’s internal consistency with extreme complexity (demonstrating that it was at least made by someone with greater-than-human wisdom), it’s moral superiority (demonstrating that it was thought up by someone other than a human), archeological evidence showing the Biblical records to be true, the behavior of Christians and non-Christians (which show the Bible is true about how Christians and non-Christians act), the design of the universe and everything in it, which shows a repeating patter rather than random patterns (random patterns would indicate that the universe was not ordered by some intelligence like God, but by unintelligent chance events).

Superior sources of news are,,,,,,, and