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The Faith of Darwinists and Big Bombers

In response to the freelance writer Jennifer Ouelette, who said, "Binary star systems are quite common, actually, occurring whenever two stars form out of a single cloud of gas and dust"… deluded much? Wow so you were around "billions" of years ago to witness this, and have a bag chalk full of evidence for this? What’s it like being an extremely deluded God-hating narcissist? Stop spreading untestable clearly absurd pseudoscience babble already. Stop setting back science for the world and hindering it with such hateful stupidity. Say what’s truly constructive for science, with love for God, then you will be honored by him.

Would absurd statements about knowing what happened billions of years ago exist, if conniving, credit-thieving Charles Darwin had kept his evolution lie to himself?: Here is an analysis of this "millions and billions of years" ago nonsense.

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