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The Relentless Anti-Christian/Anti-Pagan Theme of the Stargate TV Series

Was it relentles anti-Christian theme of the StarGate TV series that made is so boring and stupid?
I’m sure Protestants and Catholics, and perhaps pagans have noticed the anti-God/gods propaganda in the StarGate TV series. Do you who noticed, think that it was the writers’ obsessive hatred for the worship of divine beings that made the scripts so bad? Like I just watched one episode in which Garrick, one of the council members of the Jaffa, or however it’s spelled, said to another member, when talking about the book of Origin, “No… but if you, are to look REAL closely, you’ll find that everything that we want, is in here…” “REAL”? “YOU’LL”? That’s not eloquent, like the Jaffa are supposed to be, and that’s a child’s way of speaking, or ultra casual adult way of speaking, not what you would say when being ultra serious, especially on a life and death issue, like millions of your race being wiped out in a few minutes by “gods” with the ability to bring you back to life after being dead for a few minutes.

Another thing I noticed in the same episode with the “real” comment, was that Garrick later told one of the messengers of these “gods” that the Jaffa needed more time to change, and that real gods wouldn’t kill you right away for not worshiping (which sounds like the anti-Christian atheist’s “Worship God or die [right now]” absurd mock towards ALL Christians). Well to the atheists who approved of that argument in the show: HOW HAS 6500 YEARS NOT BEEN ENOUGH TIME FOR YOU TO REALIZE THAT GOD IS GOD, AND WORTHY OF WORSHIP FOR HIS PATIENCE, LASTING THOUSANDS OF YEARS LONGER THAN YOU WHO’S PATIENCE OFTEN RUNS OUT IN UNDER ONE SECOND? Or how is it not enough time for someone who lived to 65, lived a pleasant life, with good intelligence and access to the wisdom of millions at the presses of a few buttons on a keyboard and large screen to read that wisdom on, or to hear from speakers? Don’t even many American shallow teens consider 20 to be old, yet 65 isn’t a long time, not “old” enough to learn that God is good and deserving of your love?

Please think REAL hard peeps, and you’ll hopefully get a REAL good answer, LOL! I wonder how many atheists as opposed to theists like Stargate, or how much more highly they rate this ridiculous “Don’t worship spiritual beings or u’ll turn into a zombie with no free will!” show.

  1. Davelantor
    April 26, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    I love it how Christians play the “owww, its offensive to my beliefs”, Return to reality looser, its called science-fiction, surely its going to be offensive towards a cult that was created around the world view of bunch of sheep herders in the middle of a desert. From a time we now call DARK AGES.

    Ow silly silly Christians, next thing we know they will start saying every movie that doesnt portray the biblical version of the reality is anti Christian.
    I guess we should start making all the worlds flat and slavery as a normal daily habit to please Christians.
    The first SG-1 has the issue with the “False gods” and how people were very easy to trick to believe in the existence of characters that are portrayed as God.
    In my opinion anything that can make you think about the world might be a threat to Christianity, so .. good job ‘Knight’.

    • April 26, 2011 at 12:23 PM

      “I love it how Christians play the “owww, its offensive to my beliefs”,”

      Why do you love that, and where did any Christian say that? Stupid and in emotional pain much yourself? Obviously. And why would someone being offended be a sin? Of course if a silly angry idiot wastes the time of someone it’s going to offend the person you’re insulting. Why wouldn’t it silly idiot? See how stupid you are yet?

      “Return to reality looser,”

      And whatever Mr. Magic says is reality is reality because his magical “owwww I’m offended at Christians who won’t believe my reality and must insult them based on my feelings, nanny nanny boo boo I know you are but what am I” feels so. Sorry: reality isn’t ur feelings silly idiot.

      “its called science-fiction,”

      No moron, no one calls Christianity science fiction, just you’re idiot self. Idiots who are a little to much smarter than you do call it “fantasy” though, and more intelligent ones, including atheists, know the Bible is based on historical fact. Might wanna use your brain for something other than watching Stargate all day: it’s science fiction and fantasy, not history, silly angry idiot and hypocrite.

      “surely its going to be offensive towards a cult”

      A cult is centered around something other than God. Jesus was God. He was also nothing close to ordinary, and unlike you, had thousands of witnesses (and today millions) that testify to his divine power. And if you hadn’t noticed yet, Stargate and other fictional programs like it have cult followers like yourself. Talk about a blind idiot. And talk about ironic: you’re telling soeone what a cult is who spends his time refuting cults and who gave a superior description of what cults are you massive idiot.

      “that was created around the world view of bunch of sheep herders”

      Study Christianity before arguing against it, which you’re obviously doing, and being a dumb parrot, who can’t even parrot the insults right. And moron: obviously they weren’t just a bunch of sheep herders, or else Christianity wouldn’t exist.

      “in the middle of a desert.”

      And middles of deserts are oh so sinful and evil and bad. Huh? What an idiot. And no moron: wasn’t one desert, and wasn’t all desert that the Jews grazed their sheep on. And moron: look at Israel now, stop the Bible, history and taking Jews out of context you racist imbecile.

      “From a time we now call DARK AGES.”

      No moron, no one ever called the Pyramid Age the “DARK AGES”, not even in lower case letters. In fact super idiot, the past is a great mystery to tens millions of people because much advanced technology was created before the Industrial Age, that no one knows how to replicated using Industrial Age Technology, and in some cases, not even the technology we have now, without spending millions of dollars to do so. Or do you know how to build the pyramids? And idiot: what does the time during which the pyramids being built have to do with the 4000 year span in which the Bible was written, in which many giant buildings that no one knows how to replicate were built and other technologies? You’re truly an ignorant moron, and fine example of the extreme stupidity of anti-Christians. And ignoramus: simply calling something “Dark Ages” doesn’t magically make everyone during whatever age you’re talking about stupid does it? Or are you a moron who believes in magical words? And ignoramus: The Dark Ages was a term that developed from THE CHRISTIAN named Petrarch, “FATHER OF THE RENAISSANCE” aka moron: THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. HE WAS REFERRING TO BAD LATIN LITERATURE. And, “He was the first to offer a combination of abstract entities of classical culture and Christian philosophy,” according to atheists you moron. Later idiots like yourself turned what he said into the term “Dark Ages” as an insult against all Christians. SUUUUPER FAAAAAAIL.

      “Ow silly silly Christians, next thing we know they will start saying every movie that doesnt portray the biblical version of the reality is anti Christian.”

      Who is “we” stupid? The other idiots like you? Oh no: owwwy the idiots like you are insulting Christians, oh no. Christianity is doomed because 13 year old morons are insulting us, waaaaah. And moron: if you hadn’t noticed (you obviously are too stupid to), this is a entry about weasel words, not a complaint that anything that isn’t about REALITY is “owwww”, annoying retard.

      “I guess we should start making all the worlds flat”

      No moron: the Bible doesn’t say the world is flat and you’re perpetuating an insulting myth about Christians: http://www.bede.org.uk/flatearth.htm WHICH IRONICALLY, MAKES YOU THE FLAT EARTH AND MYTH SPREADER DOESN’T IT? YES IT DOES. MASSIVE FAIL SMUG CONNIVING IDIOT. WHAT’S IT LIKE BEING A LIAR WHO USES LIES TO ARGUE AND INSULT THOSE WHO WON’T AGREE WITH HIS MYTHICAL REALITY? Of course you hate anything that “makes” you think about reality. Would you like for the human race to continue being stuck on earth wasting billions of dollars an vaccines and fluoride that kills, and babbling endlessly about a big bang and evolution and stars forming but no one can ever see yet pretending you saw it happening for the last 15 billion years happen, and still flying around on rockets for the past 60 years and playing with Windows XP, a decade old operating system that is still considered by many millions to be superior to Windows 7, even after it was improved, lol. So that’s progress to you stupid kid? Ur dumb. And silly moron, history ignoramus: Christians were the drivers of science, BECAUSE, JUST LIKE MICHIO KAKU SAID: “THE BIBLE IS SCIENTIFIC”. It wasn’t atheists poop monster leeches and ugly-minded parasites like yourself playing who think playing Super Mario Brothers all day and whining when mommy doesn’t bring him his milk while watching Stargate at the same time and saying, “I saw dinosaurs evolve on cartoons on the Discovery Channel, oh Christians saw “owwww ur hurt us” ur just sheep herders and a cult hahaha you losers who hate reality!” is science, and living in reality lol. Do you even know how to wipe your own but wannabe genius?

      “and slavery as a normal daily habit to please Christians.”

      Huh? Hey moron: what slavery? Oh you mean like the atheists in China who enslave Christians and anyone who speaks out against their atheist tyranny? No you don’t, because ur an ignorant idiot.

      “The first SG-1 has the issue with the “False gods” and how people were very easy to trick to believe in the existence of characters that are portrayed as God.”

      Which makes no point for you to say, and just shows how you dwell on fantasy and science fiction rather than reality, yet you tell Christians to return to reality? What a backwards idiot.

      “In my opinion”

      Wow, you mean you don’t know everything? And are Christians allowed to think for themselves too Mr. “YOU DARE NOT CRITICIZE THE STARGATE GOD’S OR ANYONE WHO CONTRADICTS THE REAL GOD!” ? Please: can I think for myself 13 year old ignoramus?

      “anything that can make you think about the world might be a threat to Christianity,”

      The Bible is about the world you flaming moron. A moron: someone who argues against something based on his assumptions and insults others based on his ignorance and out of hatred of being criticized.

      “so .. good job ‘Knight’.”

      Owwwwy: you sarcastically told me with nonsensical grammar that I did a good job, oh no, owwwy, thousands of years of Christianity is defeated, all Christians have now been proven wrong about anything they’ve said for thousands of years, nothing we have done for thousands of years has been of any use. Moron: that wasn’t a sentence with correct grammar, it made no sense. The way you stated it, you were saying that YOU THINK THAT, NOT CHRISTIANS. And once again silly moron: being sarcastic doesn’t make you any “righter”, yet you act like it’s evidence in and of itself, despite your claim that you’re simply giving an opinion. And ultra moron: you contradicted yourself: THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THE WORLD AND RECORDED THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN THE WORLD FROM SPAN ALL THE WAY TO ETHIOPIA AND WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN ASIA AND ALL OVER THE WORLD IN THE FUTURE.

      And stupid Armenian Christian persecuting Turk: what is your excuse for not knowing the Bible is historical fact, when the Flood of Noah clearly happened, and when in your own country you idiot: Noah’s Ark resides? Idiot? Super idiot? Deluded reality-hating moron much? Are you retarded and on drugs that you don’t know your own country’s history, or are you just visiting Turkeye for fun? And even if so, how could you not know that http://noahsark.tk is there you idiot? Didn’t you bother reading any travel guides? Do you not even know where to find travel guides? Do you know how to use a search engine yet? Oh let me guess: the bad Christians of Armenia and the United States conspired to prevent you from learning about one of the most astounding archeological artifacts in Turkeye, WHICH THE TURKISH GOVERNMENT RECOGNIZES AS AN ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE AND GUARDS WITH THEIR SOLDIERS. WHAT A MORON YOU ARE. Who did you think you were coming up against when you left your comment? Did you not notice the extensive subjects to the right of my blog, moron? Is that something you usually see on personal blogs? No moron, so what were you thinking? Why did you pretend to be superior in wisdom to me? What a massive super fool.


      Next time, don’t assume, if you don’t want to be humiliated. But thanks again for your grand monument to evil anti-Christian super dumbness.

      • Davelantor
        April 26, 2011 at 2:30 PM

        First of, as you attempt to insult me, i guess its best to inform you that i am not offended by your childish insults, because it apparently helps you to disregard others points as not worthy of attention.
        The section “Its science-Fiction” refers to Stargate, not Christianity. Perhaps next time you would read comments rather then go on a word hunt.
        if i was to refer to Christianity i would simply would have said fiction. Or santa for adults.

        Also ammusing that you dont know the promotion of slavery within your religion, perhaps you want to check out your holy book, you know .. the bible.

        Perhaps when you reach puberty you will realize cursing isnt a form of an argument.

        “THE BIBLE IS SCIENTIFIC” ha ha ah aha … yeh .. and the world is shaped like a disk, and from the highest mountain one can see all the lands. SURREEE .. LOL

        And speaking of noah’s arc. Funny how no scientific publications has been made from the supposedly analysed material. Before you call me a fool, dont be a fool and actually try and look for the evidence before you take peopls word for it, this ark claim is about to become the 3rd hoax, in the history of ark claims if the team continues to withold research data from the international community.

        The level of gullibility to show is no surprise, after all you are a creationist :).

        And funny how the same creationists that kept saying radiometric dating is inaccurate now keeps saying that latests supposed analysis indicates that the material thats been tested is from the era same as ark.

        Make up your minds, is radiometric dating that indicated dinosaurs fossils age is accurate or in accurate .. LOL.

        Also becoming a tourists attraction is not evidence of its validity. Just like loch ness monster being a tourists attraction is not evidence that it exists.

        LOL, YOU FAIL.
        You wouldnt have looked like a total idiot if you have spent the time it took for you to write idiot to spend it on going for fact checking before you randomly wrote what ever came to your mind.

  2. Eggimations
    January 19, 2014 at 11:16 PM

    Wait, you actually believe Stargate was anti-God? Wow. I’ve always loved stargate, it’s a great science fiction show. Good acting, plot, characters and lots of fun. The Ori were based on the inquisition and some radical aspects of christianity, but many episodes acknowledged the bible and used it to further the plot even. (This was before the appearance of the Ori) The show delves deep into questions about what makes a god a god, and whether it is ever worth it to give up your freedom to a deity. Watching one episode and deeming the whole show an affront to your religion isn’t very wise.

    • January 20, 2014 at 2:28 AM

      wait, should I actually read a comment that starts out with a pointless question?

      • Eggimations
        January 20, 2014 at 9:45 AM

        I did that to express my incredulity that you could think something as stupid at that. Teal’c even states this once:

        “I know of no Goa’uld capable of showing the necessary compassion or benevolence that I have read of in your Bible.” And just because a show doesn’t support your religion 100% does not mean you should automatically hate it. Stargate focused on a more buddhist/taosist way of thinking, but a good share of the early episodes were about christianity too. Hell there’s even a episode called the first commandment that is all about whether killing one guy to save others is morally right. Point is, thought parts of the show don’t always agree with my worldview (athiest) I still enjoy it. Sometimes you just need to suspend disbelief and enjoy the show. I do believe the Ori were a direct nod to some of the more militant catholic groups that had existed in the past. Personally, I really liked the Ori as a villain, though the Goa’uld were even better. I just think it’s silly to hate a show because it doesn’t directly support your religion. I mean, if it said in every episode: Fuck God and Jesus they’re dumb, then you’d have a reason to hate it. Fact is Stargate was a well written and directed series that managed to create 3 seperate shows, and a total of 17 season’s worth of episodes.

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