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Native Americans, Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Two days ago, while standing in front of a certain giant box store, I met a kind, half white, half Native American woman who was doing something with her hands on an employee’s motorcycle, with her back towards me. I thought maybe she was using it as a writing surface. When she finished doing whatever it was she had been doing, she turned around and saw me and smiled, and then offered me a gospel tract. She had put one on the motorcycle (which was what she had been doing she explained). I said I was already saved, and to make a long story short, I told her that I wondered if there were many saved Native Americans for a while, and had recently befriended a saved one, and was happy to discover another. She was able to recite key verses with regards to salvation, and seemingly able to recite various verses of all kinds,, and too my amazement, at one point, when repeating what she said to at least one person to try to convince them salvation was eternal, said (I think), "what does eternal mean?" rhetorically. That amazed me because I thought I was one of the only people to use that as an argument for salvation being eternal, and that it was coming from a below middle class Native American, and a woman, rather than some well of white person. She also had a problem with her skin, Lupus. She was from a church in New Mexico that was many miles away, a poor one. We told each other some of our hard-times stories. The only thing that I was displeased with was that when I offered her my address, she didn’t want to know because I was single, as opposed to visiting to fellowship, which I wouldn’t have been so upset with if I hadn’t just told her about how an an unfriendly Christian wife who lived next to me has been treating me. Later, a God-hater in my neighbor confronted me for my kindness, and a woman joined him, trying to convince me to keep silent about my religion. The man said that religion had nothing to do with anything (clearly he was a major ignorant) and the woman said that her religion was personal (another ignorant – what you believe determines how you treat others).

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