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Michael Savage, Savagely Stupid

That host that often rants at night, Michael Savage, is an evil moron. This man quotes from the Bible to support his ranting, yet yesterday night, made fun of the Bible, and unwisely, and ironically, insulted the part most filled with clear wisdom: Proverbs. How can someone be so stupid as to quote from the Bible, claiming it is true, and then turn around and then make fun of the very verses he just supported? What was his evidence that Bible is not trustworthy? A few days ago it was something like, "look what happened to Jesus" or "look what it got him". He said that in response to a caller who was condemning or correcting him for hording his wealth, and using the "It is easier for a rich man…" verse, which, strangely, Michael had quoted about a few days before, with approval, and, even more hypocritical, had quoted it to a caller, and had then asked him something like, "If you can tell me where this statement comes from, I’ll give you a free copy of my book (blah blah blah)." The caller didn’t know where the statement came from, which amazed me. It’s one of the most quoted verses in the Bible.

Michael truly is one of the worst people in the world, to bash a book from God, that has helped the world repeatedly in countless ways. If he hates God, and blatantly and deliberately makes fun of God’s words, should anyone see him as better than others, like Obama, whom he loves to bash? At least Obama said, "I believe in prayer" which he said recently, I think yesterday. But what does Michael believe? He believes in quoting the Bible to bash the bankers who are ruining the world, but then bashes the same verses he quotes! What a stupid idiot!

And the ultimate proof that this man is an evil moron: Yesterday night he claimed he knew the beginning words of the Bible, and then proceeded to try to quote them, but instead misquoted it badly, and then, realizing he didn’t know the words, seemed to then try to save face by giving a one sentence summary of the first chapter of Genesis. What idiot doesn’t know that the Bible starts out with, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."? And who doesn’t know the third sentence, "And God said, ‘Let there be light!’"? Only people who were born in extreme poverty and stayed in extreme poverty, or who live in places so remote or hidden, that they don’t even know what a book or radio is. Yet Michael, despite his incredible hypocrisy and ignorance on religion, pushes his stupid book repeatedly on his show, never failing to mention it. What is Michael’s stupid book compared to the Bible? Michael made fun of Proverbs, claiming that they were given for money, yet if that is why the Bible is to ignored and made fun of, then should his book also be ignored and made fun of, being that he is selling it for personal profit and (shallow) entertainment?

  1. February 13, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    It’s not surprising. People are selfish. They want to hold the bible in one hand–way out there–and their ego, money, and selfishness, in the other–right next to their hearts.

    Christians get a bad name because people think the law, and bible are to be used as instruments to bash “sinners,” rather than reveal to them that they are sinners and need Christ. The fact that he used the bible to bitterly criticize those people was proof enough. . .he had his own agenda. As long as the bible supported that agenda, he would support the bible.

    Obviously, he and God must be at odds. And when a man thinks he’s better than God. . .well. . .the evidence is there.

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