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The Faith of Darwinists and Big Bombers

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment

In response to the freelance writer Jennifer Ouelette, who said, "Binary star systems are quite common, actually, occurring whenever two stars form out of a single cloud of gas and dust"… deluded much? Wow so you were around "billions" of years ago to witness this, and have a bag chalk full of evidence for this? What’s it like being an extremely deluded God-hating narcissist? Stop spreading untestable clearly absurd pseudoscience babble already. Stop setting back science for the world and hindering it with such hateful stupidity. Say what’s truly constructive for science, with love for God, then you will be honored by him.

Would absurd statements about knowing what happened billions of years ago exist, if conniving, credit-thieving Charles Darwin had kept his evolution lie to himself?: Here is an analysis of this "millions and billions of years" ago nonsense.

The Relentless Anti-Christian/Anti-Pagan Theme of the Stargate TV Series

February 25, 2009 7 comments

Was it relentles anti-Christian theme of the StarGate TV series that made is so boring and stupid?
I’m sure Protestants and Catholics, and perhaps pagans have noticed the anti-God/gods propaganda in the StarGate TV series. Do you who noticed, think that it was the writers’ obsessive hatred for the worship of divine beings that made the scripts so bad? Like I just watched one episode in which Garrick, one of the council members of the Jaffa, or however it’s spelled, said to another member, when talking about the book of Origin, “No… but if you, are to look REAL closely, you’ll find that everything that we want, is in here…” “REAL”? “YOU’LL”? That’s not eloquent, like the Jaffa are supposed to be, and that’s a child’s way of speaking, or ultra casual adult way of speaking, not what you would say when being ultra serious, especially on a life and death issue, like millions of your race being wiped out in a few minutes by “gods” with the ability to bring you back to life after being dead for a few minutes.

Another thing I noticed in the same episode with the “real” comment, was that Garrick later told one of the messengers of these “gods” that the Jaffa needed more time to change, and that real gods wouldn’t kill you right away for not worshiping (which sounds like the anti-Christian atheist’s “Worship God or die [right now]” absurd mock towards ALL Christians). Well to the atheists who approved of that argument in the show: HOW HAS 6500 YEARS NOT BEEN ENOUGH TIME FOR YOU TO REALIZE THAT GOD IS GOD, AND WORTHY OF WORSHIP FOR HIS PATIENCE, LASTING THOUSANDS OF YEARS LONGER THAN YOU WHO’S PATIENCE OFTEN RUNS OUT IN UNDER ONE SECOND? Or how is it not enough time for someone who lived to 65, lived a pleasant life, with good intelligence and access to the wisdom of millions at the presses of a few buttons on a keyboard and large screen to read that wisdom on, or to hear from speakers? Don’t even many American shallow teens consider 20 to be old, yet 65 isn’t a long time, not “old” enough to learn that God is good and deserving of your love?

Please think REAL hard peeps, and you’ll hopefully get a REAL good answer, LOL! I wonder how many atheists as opposed to theists like Stargate, or how much more highly they rate this ridiculous “Don’t worship spiritual beings or u’ll turn into a zombie with no free will!” show.

Native Americans, Citizens of God’s Kingdom

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Two days ago, while standing in front of a certain giant box store, I met a kind, half white, half Native American woman who was doing something with her hands on an employee’s motorcycle, with her back towards me. I thought maybe she was using it as a writing surface. When she finished doing whatever it was she had been doing, she turned around and saw me and smiled, and then offered me a gospel tract. She had put one on the motorcycle (which was what she had been doing she explained). I said I was already saved, and to make a long story short, I told her that I wondered if there were many saved Native Americans for a while, and had recently befriended a saved one, and was happy to discover another. She was able to recite key verses with regards to salvation, and seemingly able to recite various verses of all kinds,, and too my amazement, at one point, when repeating what she said to at least one person to try to convince them salvation was eternal, said (I think), "what does eternal mean?" rhetorically. That amazed me because I thought I was one of the only people to use that as an argument for salvation being eternal, and that it was coming from a below middle class Native American, and a woman, rather than some well of white person. She also had a problem with her skin, Lupus. She was from a church in New Mexico that was many miles away, a poor one. We told each other some of our hard-times stories. The only thing that I was displeased with was that when I offered her my address, she didn’t want to know because I was single, as opposed to visiting to fellowship, which I wouldn’t have been so upset with if I hadn’t just told her about how an an unfriendly Christian wife who lived next to me has been treating me. Later, a God-hater in my neighbor confronted me for my kindness, and a woman joined him, trying to convince me to keep silent about my religion. The man said that religion had nothing to do with anything (clearly he was a major ignorant) and the woman said that her religion was personal (another ignorant – what you believe determines how you treat others).

Terminators and Artificial Neural Networks

February 24, 2009 7 comments

A strange thing happened to me at about 7:30 A.M. today. I had just watched the second to last episodes of season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I didn’t have the mkv codec to play the last episode or episodes, and needed to move my computer to download it, and I did not want to watch it in the daylight, because I can’t block out very well in my cubicle, so I started moving things out to a darker place. When I was moving my speakers, somehow, it caused my radio, which was on the floor, to turn on – something had hit the on button, which was very odd, since it was mainly light wires dragging across the radio, and the button is small. After standing for a few seconds, wondering how it could have been turned on, I continued moving the computer equipment. I decided to leave the radio on for a while because I thought God wanted me to hear something important. After many minutes of hearing nothing of interest, and preparing a place for my PC in less daylight, I went near the radio and stood there, and came close to turning it off, because the babble was annoying me, but I felt that God wanted me to hear something, so I continued moving things. Very soon after, as I was still moving things about, a news reporter (who’s voice annoys me) talked about a breakthrough: a very recent creation of an artificial neural network that produced unexpected brain wave patterns.

Michael Savage, Savagely Stupid

February 11, 2009 1 comment

That host that often rants at night, Michael Savage, is an evil moron. This man quotes from the Bible to support his ranting, yet yesterday night, made fun of the Bible, and unwisely, and ironically, insulted the part most filled with clear wisdom: Proverbs. How can someone be so stupid as to quote from the Bible, claiming it is true, and then turn around and then make fun of the very verses he just supported? What was his evidence that Bible is not trustworthy? A few days ago it was something like, "look what happened to Jesus" or "look what it got him". He said that in response to a caller who was condemning or correcting him for hording his wealth, and using the "It is easier for a rich man…" verse, which, strangely, Michael had quoted about a few days before, with approval, and, even more hypocritical, had quoted it to a caller, and had then asked him something like, "If you can tell me where this statement comes from, I’ll give you a free copy of my book (blah blah blah)." The caller didn’t know where the statement came from, which amazed me. It’s one of the most quoted verses in the Bible.

Michael truly is one of the worst people in the world, to bash a book from God, that has helped the world repeatedly in countless ways. If he hates God, and blatantly and deliberately makes fun of God’s words, should anyone see him as better than others, like Obama, whom he loves to bash? At least Obama said, "I believe in prayer" which he said recently, I think yesterday. But what does Michael believe? He believes in quoting the Bible to bash the bankers who are ruining the world, but then bashes the same verses he quotes! What a stupid idiot!

And the ultimate proof that this man is an evil moron: Yesterday night he claimed he knew the beginning words of the Bible, and then proceeded to try to quote them, but instead misquoted it badly, and then, realizing he didn’t know the words, seemed to then try to save face by giving a one sentence summary of the first chapter of Genesis. What idiot doesn’t know that the Bible starts out with, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."? And who doesn’t know the third sentence, "And God said, ‘Let there be light!’"? Only people who were born in extreme poverty and stayed in extreme poverty, or who live in places so remote or hidden, that they don’t even know what a book or radio is. Yet Michael, despite his incredible hypocrisy and ignorance on religion, pushes his stupid book repeatedly on his show, never failing to mention it. What is Michael’s stupid book compared to the Bible? Michael made fun of Proverbs, claiming that they were given for money, yet if that is why the Bible is to ignored and made fun of, then should his book also be ignored and made fun of, being that he is selling it for personal profit and (shallow) entertainment?