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Ian Punnet Master of Divinity Messes Up On Religion Again

Bumbling liar Ian Punnet who boasts about his master of divinity degree messed up on religion again two days ago when he interviewed Adrienne. He showed how masterful of the divine he was: He he called a supernatural audio-only hearing of God or an angel a "theophany". A theophany is visible you moron, and when a caller corrected him during a break, he repeatedly lied by pretending that it was not-often used to describe the hearing of God or angels. What a stubborn idiot. You are so prideful that you instead choose to repeatedly misdefine a word than admit you are wrong! Hey Ian and other liberal Christians, can you permit us to also lie on the fly and make up nonsense to save face, and so that we never have to admit when we’re wrong? It was a big hint that Ian knew he messed up when he further tried to justify his misuse of the word when he said, "Even if I misused the word" but wait Ian, I thought it’s correctly but rarely used to describe only hearing God or an angel? Is it really so hard for you to admit when you’re wrong about something to do with religion Ian, or anything at all?

After coming back from a break Ian then said that he received an email from someone saying that they thought "theophany" only meant a supernatural appearance, and then Ian said that he used to word to describe the "hearing the voice of God, like an angel". What the Hell kind of grammar is that Ian? Can you calm down, can you be patient enough to speak sensibly, and not stupidly? Obviously you meant, "or an angel", but you just got caught making a stupid mistake by being careless with your speech, so what justification do you have for doing right away and on the very topic of you being careless? Then he said, "you’re exactly right. Usually, it can just mean any manifestation we experience with our senses, but it is often used to explain any manifestation we experience with our senses, it’s a cool word, even if I didn’t just use it exactly moments ago." That’s not an exact quote because Ian was rapidly babbling in his attempt to brush away his stupid error. So, because it’s a cool word, that makes it no biggy that someone who claims to be a follower of Christ and boasts about being an expert in the Bible incorrectly used a common word taught to students of the Bible like Ian once was? That sure makes sense Ian! So as long as the word I use is cool, it’s okay if I misdefine it! Can I speak grammatically nonsensically as long as the words I’m mashing up are cool too? Please Ian?

A while later Ian claimed the correct word for a supernatural audio-only event from God or an angel was "theosany" and not "theophany", a word which, no suprise to me, DOES NOT APPEAR IN WEBSTER’S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY, which is a huge dictionary and dates the appearance of words and includes ancient English words. He said, "I only give that word, it might be a good scrabble word", again grammatically messing up. But so he only mentions that the correct word is "theosany" so we can have fun using it in Scrabble, but not so that we MAKE SENSE? Yeah, making sense matters less than having fun in a game that only permits words that actually exist, not ones that don’t. Oh wait, maybe it appears in the dictionary of the Harper-Collins Study Bible, the Bible Ian that Ian loves most.

Ian contradicted himself again at about 11:45 P.M.): After telling a caller not to vote by race, he then said "Just vote for who you think is the best person, that’s the only way to go through life." So if the so-called racist caller thinks whites are the best people, should he vote for whites only Ian? Then at 11:53-55 P.M., Ian the moron said that in another time an anti-abortionist who crashed his car into a Planned Parenthood building because God supposedly told him to, would be known as a saint, like the Christian "saints" who were "charitable". What the Hell does charitable have to do with crashing your car into a building and possibly accidentally killing a pregnant woman? Ian, Catholics may have considered that a holy act, please be specific at least instead of risking giving idiots like yourself the impression that all Christians are "nuts".

Wow, now at 12:24 Ian the master moron is parroting the falsehood that birds evolved from reptiles. Moron Ian, your "modern day scholars", the paleontologists, don’t push that theory as a fact or even plausible anymore, and is was never accepted as a fact by all of them either.

Woooow, at 12:57 Ian the master of divinity says, "the story of Noah and the big fish". JONAH, not NOAH, you false Christian moron. Talk about careless. Wow, at 1:22 he said Noah again till the guest he was interviewing corrected him.

Why does the producer of Coast to Coast A.M. allowed to be a talk show host of anything at all? The same evil radio station, that pretends to be conservative, yet lets Jim Villianucci babble his anti-Christian bigotry, supports Coast to Coast A.M.. KKOB, how about boycotting them until they at least get rid of this fake Christian who pretends to be a master of divinity? At least Jim doesn’t call himself a Christian (but he does imply that he is for Christ, which is a lie, being that he’s completely opposed Christ’s "tell it to the church" rule).

Wow, after listening to the re-airing of this episode, I noticed Ian say, attempting to be funny, that he had a question, here it is, "My Boston terrier would only be able to attack someone if they were dressed as a giant squirrel" or some statement almost exactly like that. How the Hell is that a question, and how is that funny? Grow up idiot.

I also noticed that he got mostly stupid, nonsensically ranting callers during his show, which is not typical of Coast to Coast. It seems logically if that you’re a stupid and vain host, and regularly rant, and no one fires you, then the people who will be paying attention and responding to you the most will also be stupid, vain, and rant.

George Noory claimed that the audience of Coast to Coast A.M. was the most intelligent of all radio-show audiences, if that were true, I’m sure Ian is repelling them with his nutty anti-funny ranting. And the liberal, ranting, psuedo-Christian narcassist Mr. Noory had on the day before got me to turn off the radio till he was off-air. It was obvious that Mr. Noory was sickened by this guest’s ranting and that he had him taken off the air because he was ranting so badly. In place of him he instead took calls from the audience. To my amazement there were callers who agreed with the ranting nut. Some "intelligent" audience. I’m sure Mr. Noory was relieved though being that these callers helped him to save face after having allowed such a stupid person onto his show.

Mr. Producer of Coast to Coast A.M., just because Ian and Noory speak with a pleasant tone, does that qualify them as good hosts? Are you addicted to preying on stupid people? Would you rather have an audience that is composed of mostly intelligent people? See if you can do better than Bell and Noory who distort their voice in ridiculous ways to sound prestigious and wise who agree with nearly whatever their guests say with their "of course"’s and "exactly"’s to give the false appearance that they are knowledgeable, and Punnet who babbles childishly to his gross ignorance.

Recently a show that Art Bell hosted was re-aired. On it, a caller told Art that Jesus might be a human that aliens genetically engineered to be perfectly moral / more peaceful than the average human. Art quickly responded, nonsensically, and insultingly, with something like, "That’s it? That’s all the aliens could do? We have all these wars, George Bush making wars…" Wow, so the Bible becoming the most positively influential, and best-selling and most freely available and translated book in the world = future wars by fake Christians and George Bush, and is "That’s all"? What an arrogant wicked person Art Bell is. What a vain boaster. So what have you accomplished that was greater than what Jesus has accomplished Mr. Jesus Did Nothing That Great Art The Great Bell? Was is your relentless pompous huffings for many years on the radio? Pompous huffing really has helped the world to spiritually advance, to become more peaceful and to technologically progress. Pompous huffing is just such a wonderful peace- and wisdom-generating activity. It just breeds love to talk like you’re a stereotypical English king who is mocking the needy and poor.

Mr. Producer of Coast to Coast A.M., or are you trying to make the entire world puke from non-stop stupidity?

It’s very clear that ALL of the hosts of Coast to Coast A.M. except George Knapp, and no doubt the producer, are narcassists. It’s really obvious Art Bell with his pompous tone is one, George Noory, who like Art Bell, soaks up praise like a dry sponge touching water.

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