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A Stupid Darwinist’s Stupid Explanation As To How Darwinism Can Be Compatible With Belief In God

According to the Darwinist author of Fossil Legends of the First Americans, Adrienne Mayer, it would be more magnificant if God had let things evolve over millions of years rather than just created things and that the history of the universe "compressed" (yes, she and Ian The Moron Punnet said "compressed", as if Bible-believers taught that all life macro-evolved in 6000 years) into 6000 years is "not scientific but faith-based". Question for the Fossil Legend woman, who is a non-scientists she said: What the Hell does your opinion that brutish savage stupidity for millions of years is more glorious than God creating all living things as perfectly healthy, and building into them the ability to multiply rapidly into incredibly beautifully varied forms and still able to survive wonderfully, and still able to reproduce with one another, have to do with the Bible not being scientific for teaching that the universe is about 6000 years old? So what were you saying about "more amazing" and faith? So you really think that billions of unobservable years, billions of years you will never ever see, but can only barely and boringly imagine, of repetitive brutal killing and pointless storms and earthquakes, and pointless mass extinctions (and humans deliberately and stupidly causing extinctions of types of animals) is more wonderful than DELIBERATE DESIGN OF UNSEARCHABLY COMPLEX AND VERY BEAUTIFUL LIVING CREATURES ABLE TO SURVIVE DESPITE AND BY MAJOR MUTATIONS AND A DELIBERATE WORLD-WIDE FLOOD NEARLY ENDING ALL LAND-DWELLING LIFE ON EARTH? You’re that confused huh? So you’re so vain as to believe that you have the patience for billions of years of repetition that you’ll never see, and an evolutionary process you can’t explain logically, nor can Darwinist scientists, to pass before a HUMAN comes into being, a human that is far wiser than animal, able to write books like you have? So billions of years of brutal dumb-dumb repetition is more exciting to you then a perfectly wise and perfectly loving, and just being loving creating perfectly healthy, perfectly loving, super-beautiful and super-complex beings which were programmed with fantastic wisdom to survive on their own? You must hate creation then! You must hate writing books, teaching, technology, robots, robotics, artificial intelligence, and wisdom. Much better to you is billions of years of brutality than speed and peaceful constructiveness! Truly you are just as you claim: brutish animals which use lies to survive. You said it. I’m bored, I wanna go watch some animals brutality kill each other! Wanna watch a lion crush a Zebra’s neck with me? Or lets watch some soldiers bomb civilians! Survival of the fittest! Yaaaaaay! Wooooooh hooo, exciting! Come on lets have some blood-spattering, flesh-ripping, war-mongering, earthquake-killing fun for the next infinite years! Don’t come back Mr. God now ya hear! Yahear me God!? It would be boring if you came back and ruined this cool exciting and evolution stuff! Leave us alone to evolve and learn on our own you stupid boring God! You’re more exciting God if you just sit back and watch and do nothing! Yeah, that’s excitement, you doing nothing! Just go away, vanish, stop existing!

You atheists and Bible-doubting, liberal self-proclaimed "Christians" sure make sense huh? Not. So you want "proof" that God exists by seeing him, and yet say it’s more exciting if God has nothing to do with anything. What disgusting confused hypocrites you are. You truly do damn God and his followers no matter what they do or say. You are truly mentally ill and morally insane.

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