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Ian Punnett – The Lazy Master of Careless Lying

Early in the morning, two days ago, on Coast to Coast AM radio, Ian Punnet, the host of the usually wacky show Coast to Coast AM, was asked by a caller who pointed that Ian was an ordained minister (as if merely being one makes you a scholar of anything) which Bible was the most accurately translated. This caller also said that Harold Camping (a wacky Christian) said that the King James was the most accurate. Ian, being the stupid liar that he is, claimed that the King James Bible was not an accurate translation because “modern scholars” said so! Yeah, and we all know we can always trust “modern scholars” whoever they are, because, uh, um, well because they’re “modern” and “scholars”! No wait, it’s because Ian said so!

Ian, who loves to reference Wikipedia for his information, was too lazy, and too into casual lying in arrogance, to bother referencing Wikipedia this time. About the King James Bible and it’s translation style, Wikipedia in part says:

“Dynamic equivalence and formal equivalence are two approaches to translation. The dynamic (also known as functional equivalence) attempts to convey the thought expressed in a source text (if necessary, at the expense of literalness, original word order, the source text’s grammatical voice, etc.), while formal attempts to render the text word-for-word (if necessary, at the expense of natural expression in the target language). …

Formal equivalence(:)

New American Standard Bible
English Standard Version
King James Version (formal equivalence, albeit to 17th-century English)”

So Ian, it’s not a paraphrase according to modern scholars, including the ones who contributed to the Wikipedia page on the KJVB, whom you trust.

Ian the same the casually lying moron who didn’t know that the location of Noah’s Ark has been known for thousands of years, but he instead mislead hundreds of thousands of his listeners otherwise, when he asked the NON-SCHOLAR OF THE BIBLE if anyone had found it. And she, being a God-hating vain ignoramus, claimed in plain language that it had not been found. Ian, being the lazy ignorant he is, said nothing in reply. Ian also said nothing when she made fun of Christians who believed in Revelation 14, because she, in her mocker-mind, imagined that millions or billions would have to die for blood to come up to the reins of a horse.

According to Ian (and his unknown “modern scholars”) the King James Bible is a “paraphrase”, and that he uses the Harper Collins Bible because it’s more accurately translated. NO MORON IAN, the King James Bible is not a “paraphrase” and I, a “modern scholar”, and of the Bible (and “of the Bible” not simply a “modern scholar” really matters Ian) and I’ve never heard of any modern scholar who said the King James was a paraphrase. You must be super ignorant and a very hateful person to tell such an outrageous lie so casually. You want the world to believe that you are better scholars then the translators of the King James Bible; ARE YOU JOKE? Sadly the answer is “No”. Ian you’re a narcissist. You who love googling and Wikipedia (an atheist and Darwinist dominated encyclopedia) couldn’t be bothered to use either to find out information on the accuracy of the King James Bible, one of the most popular best selling books in the world, want us to believe that you know which Bible is the most accurate, let alone that you know anything of spiritual value?

What idiot who has read the King James Bible, who had half a brain enough to be curious enough to why it was filled with words in italics and to find out, doesn’t know that the King James is a dynamic (literal, not a paraphrase) translation? Do you know why there are italics in the Bible you evil bad-joke making goon? I’ll tell you you lazy Master of Divinity: BECAUSE THE TRANSLATORS OF THE KJV WANTED READERS OF IT TO KNOW WHEN WORDS IN IT WERE NOT REALLY THERE, BUT IMPLIED IN THE HEBREW LANGUAGE AND SO THAT IT MADE SENSE IN ENGLISH. IN OTHER WORDS YOU MORON, IT’S NOT A PARAPHRASE. TO YOUR SHAME, MILLIONS OF CHRISTIAN KIDS, WITH NO MASTERS OF DIVINITY DEGREE, WHO DON’T CLAIM TO BE SCHOLARS, KNOW THAT FACT, AS DO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF NON-CHRISTIANS I’M SURE. How the Hell is it that you, who implies that you are a know-it-all when it comes to the Bible, don’t know that simple fact, let alone where Noah’s Ark is?

You are sickening. No wonder so many people hate you, as you acknowledge: You are a truth-careless narcissist. On top of that you’re voice isn’t radio-host worthy, your jokes are terrible, and your choice of music is awful. Please, show some of that Biblical “jusitice” you pretend to care about, and apologize for lying to your listeners and what you lied about, and let someone better than you, who really do know anything about the Bible, take your place on the air.

  1. Woody
    December 11, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    Ian is an Ass Clown. It’s about time for him to be leaving. Art always had a rule……NO RELIGION on his show.

    • December 11, 2011 at 6:15 PM

      Good thing you commented on this article since it was embarrassingly typo ridden. I often go to articles commented on that seem to be rarely looked at and often I find embarrassing mistakes. I wonder why I never notice them at the time.

      As for Art’s rule, Art was either a very arrogant person, or had narcissism disorder. For a non-Christian it in a way is a good rule in that if you don’t specialize in it yet engage in talking about it like Ian does, who does so with authority because he’s a deacon and went to seminary, yet isn’t a scholar in any religion at all as is apparent from his goofs like saying dinosaurs aren’t mentioned in any way in the Bible, which a caller not long ago seemed to unintentionally humiliate him on by pointing out a few minutes later that there were some, then you’re just going to make a fool of yourself. Plus, since the time the Catholics lost power and Protestants began writing about the problems with Catholicism all the way to when the Internet began to rapidly fill with information from already published books on religion, and so on, it would have been redundant and a waste of time to bring up what was already known and obvious on a radio show, one with limited time. It’s better to just do stories on events not well covered, like some UFO sighting that was on Youtube or wherever and showed something amazing, and then interviewing the person or people who did the video to see if they can be caught in a lie. And on that George Noory, not Ian usually, is horrible at. Often he doesn’t ask where an event happened and then lets the caller go as if nothing worth noting had just been said. I hate that. You could call him and say that a fleet of UFOs hovered over your house shining beams of light all over the place and then up against a commercial break he’d say, “Well we have to go to commercial sorry about that, maybe you can call back next time,” and doesn’t say anything about emailing him the story, and even if he does off air, you’re not told about what was sent if anything! Ugh. So much for solving the mysteries of the universe. Now Linda Moulton Howe, that’s a real investigator. She should be one of the part-time hosts now that I think about it.

      Ok this is weird I just went to her site after saying that and this is on the front page near the top:

      March 4, 1789 Bill of Rights: Amendment I

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      Hmmm… synchronicity.

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