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A Fearmongering Attorney from Kansas Warns the World About the Coming American Religious War

From an ignorant’s website:

Hermeneutics can be an important weapon to use against religious fanatics in the coming ARCW. The hard core nut cases– those who would control every aspect of our lives by forcing us to accept their understanding of the will of their god–tend to share certain operational assumptions. These include the belief that:

1) Every word of the bible is true.

2) The English translation of the bible authorized by King James the First of England, completed in 1611, Common Era, is the only fully acceptable, authoritative, and inspired-by-god translation of holy scripture. This translation is accurate in every respect, including punctuation marks.

My reply:

And don’t ya know that KJOnlyists are just so numerous and so powerful and just have so much influence? What a moron you are. Are you paranoid?

If you want to know what "hermeneutics" means, use a dictionary. Hint: it doesn’t mean, "Telling people how when I was in preschool, my five-year-old friend Jimmy Joe Bob told me all Christians are bad because his dad told him that there’s no evidence for that old Bible thingy book that never helped no one do nuthin’, and that his dad said you should just tell those old silly fanatical liar Christians who want to hold your head and scream in your face till you believe their three billion commandments, like their "Don’t lie" nonsense, that their Bible has too many words in it, is boring, and he hates it he’s watching cartoons about dinosaurs eating each other, and they disturb his fun by knocking on his door to talk to him."

Like I tell all moron atheists like yourself, stop assuming and accusing the good of the very thing you do impatient moron, and learn to use a search engine Mr. "Truth-Seeking Free-Thinker". Hint: Use a dictionary and learn and remember the definition of "evidence", "hatemonger", "moron", "assume", and "fanatic". And learn to research using a search engine since you clearly hate reading traditional books. Hint: It doesn’t mean clicking on search results that only say things like, "Christians are stupid", "Christians are wrong", "Sex is fun", "How Christians hate sex", "How Christians want to ban sex", "How Christians never talk about sex", "Why sex isn’t mentioned in the Bible", "The Bible is boring for not talking about porn and sex", "Why Christians won’t have sex with smart atheist attorneys", "How to force attractive Christian women to have sex with you despite your atheist beliefs", "Why I hate religion", "Why the Bible is dumb", "How the Crusades explains why atheists are failures at life", "How fundies giving away crop seeds, Bibles, food, and helping to build the infrastructure in impoverished countries and primitive tribes is destroying the world while atheists drink their liquor and smoke their cigs complaining about it" and "Why atheists are the coolest, bestest, smartest, people in the whole flat earth".

Oh and can you do us Christians a favor, can you help us to petition the Asian and former Soviet Union states to stop enslaving and murdering Christians? Also, do you think you can help us create a fund for the 150 million plus religious kids and adults atheists have killed in the past 80 years, please Mr. Prepare For the Coming Civil Religious War Against Us Civil Atheists?

God bless you Mr. Ignorant Rejected Ranting Massive Hypocrite Bigot Attorney-Prophet.

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