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A Response To Judge Jim Villanucci, Judge of Christians, of 770 KKOB Radio

Points That Jim and His False Christian Supporters Can’t Refute

1. Jim, why did you cut me off you radio show after a few dozen seconds of speaking with you, when I asked you why you were judging if it was wrong to judge and why you were judging another group’s religion (the Christian group) if you were (arbitrarily) opposed to Christians judging anyone, including other Christians, and after you implied that Jesus wouldn’t judge anyone? Did that offend your hypocritical self? Or was it when I asked why you were judging them over a simple verse you admitted that you were ignorant as to the meaning, and which they, who dedicate themselves to learning such verses, would undertand? You cut me off after I started to reply to your question as to why it may or may not be right for a church to announce the sin of a former member. Why did you do that when you said that that was the main topic of your show? Were you afraid that more truth would get out?

2. Are you so stupid as to think that if you join a group which is known for being HEAVILY INVOLVED IN SUPPORTING EACH OTHER SPIRITUALL BY GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER INTIMATELY, that it is therefore wrong for them to JUDGE in ANY WAY another member of that group? So they should just sit still and be thoughtless statues making no judgments about right or wrong? That’s dumb.

3. It is repeatedly made clear in the Bible that Christians (and Christians are anyone who follows the Messaih, who is made known in the Old Testament, not just the New, that Christians do correct each other when they do wrong (not meaning pointing out every little thing, which you stupidly make equal to every kind of sin with your “everyone sins” comments – which by the way is how abusive HYPOCRITES JUSTIFY DOING WHATEVER THEY FEEL LIKE – and are commanded to correct each other. So when you join a group of Christians, it’s UNDERSTOOOD THAT YOU ARE THEN UNDER THE JUDGMENT OF ALL CHRISTIANS, AND NOT JUST THE ONES IN THE LOCAL GROUP, BUT ALL.

4. You stereotped all Christians as being Catholic, it sounded like, with the mass comment, even if you didn’t mean that, its careless comments like that that give people the idea that all Christians are Catholics, and many, even Catholics, think that Catholics are hypocrites.

5. You’re slandering all Christians, and you made it clear you know little about them, as being sinful.

6. If sin is “oooooo” as you mock, then what you are so upset for over the sins of these Christians you don’t even know? Duh?

7. Why are you playing judge over all Christians, and these sins you’re talking about, if you can’t even understand the simple verse you quoted, as you admit you can’t?

8. Are you wiser than Jesus? Why then are you mocking him? How many lives have you saved and changed for the better like he and his followers have? Do you have any books that are as helpful as the Bible and that ended up being the most widely read book for decades and still is?

9. It’s stupid and arrogant, and nutty for you to condem those who study verses that you admit you ignore and are ignorant of. How are you qualified then to judge?

10. What moron doesn’t know that doing wrong in public, or admitting to it without showing concern, often does tempt others to dothe same, and often it leads to inefficiency, injuries and death?

11. To better understand the verse you are quoting, read the verses that come before and after it; context Jim, context.

12. Are you so shallow and stupid to think that you can’t date a person to get to know if they are gay? or evil?  Big duh? And where does the Bible say that marraige should be based on how good the other person is at having sex? Are you that warped and dumb?

13. You agreed with a caller who said that usually a person who is pointing out another person’s sin is covering up there own, WELL THEN BOTH YOU AND THE CALLER AND EVERYONE POINTING EVERYONE ELSES WRONGS, MUST BE COVERING UP FOR YOUR OWN YOU HYPOCRITE!

14. WHAT DOES A PERSON’S AGE HAVE TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE FREE FROM GOD’S COMMANDS AND THAT INCLUDES THE JUDGEMENT HE ASSIGNS OTHERS TO MAKE! Using your logic, I can say, “Hey I’m 45, therefore I can do all the wrong I want and commit adultery and murder and be free from any kind of punishment.

15. As for casting stones, who the Hell is casting stones you idiot? They are warning, NOT CASTING LITERAL STONES.

16. Sin is a big deal because God warned, and repeatedly demonstrated throughout history, and some is recorded in the Bible, that he hates disobedience against himself, and will punish you for disobeying him, and for those he doesn’t forgive before they die, they will end up suffering forever. So no Jim, it isn’t “ooooooo” you moron, it’s LIFE AND DEATH.

The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. – JESUS, WHO YOU AND SOME OF YOUR CALLERS ACKNOWLEDGED WAS PERFECT, INCLUDING IN JUDGMENT, and if he was perfect in judgment, do you think that his true, not true just in word, but true followers of him might have some of his good judgment?

17. And you asked if the woman who committed adultery had commnited a victimless crime, but hardly when you said, “right?” meaning “isn’t that correct?”, no it isn’t because God is the victim since we are his servantsn- whether you like it or believe t or not – and he commanded us not to disobey him, and to fully love him, not anger him. Further, the adulteress has put herself in danger of punishment by disobeying God without repenting of it, and the man she is sinning with will also end up being a victim of her disobedience since God will punish him too. The punishment may be mental (like God causing you to lose something of value, like money) or physical.  Further, if the woman was a member of that church, even if she wasn’t saved, she victimized that church by sinning against them by sinning against their Father. It’s like if I insulted you by insulting your father or wife of child, or insulted a teacher you trusted and trained under who you loved, which would be insulting you, though indirectly.

18. One of your stupid false Christian callers asked us, “would Jesus really do this?” meaning “would he really point out someone’s sins in public?” MORONS HE DID THAT REPEATEDLY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, HE DID IT TO THE PHARISEES AND IN GENERAL SAID THAT EVERYONE WAS A SINNER. HE REBUKED PETER, ONE OF HIS OWN DISCIPLES IN FRONT OF THE OTHERS AND SAID, “SATAN GET BEHIND ME!”. YOU ARE CLUELESS AND STUPID AS ARE THOSE FALSE CHRISTIANS SUPPORTING YOU TO SPEAK IN THE NAME OF MAN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! AND YOU ARE QUOTING A VERSE THAT HE GAVE YOU MORONS! HE IS THE ONE WHO SAID TO “TELL IT TO THE CHURCH”. DUH! So you are denying the very words you are reading that came from his mouth, yet replied to that caller, “There’s no way [that Jesus would pointout a person’s sins].” And she agreed of course. And even dumber is that Jesus repeatedly said that he would judge the entire world in front of the entire world, down to every “idle word” when he returned, and send most of the ones he judged to Hell. That is taught all through the Bible. He also acknowledged that the Old Testament, which taught the same things over and over, WAS TRUE! So stop lying and pretending to be a good and moral loving person already. Stop assuming things about Christians and the Bible now, judge Villian, and STOP “CASTING STONES” like you said is wrong to do. Don’t quote the Bible and pretend to know it when you admit that you don’t, don’t quote the Bible and claim it teaches what it doesn’t when you refuse to obey it AT ALL. It’s amazing that you can be such a massive obvious hypocrite in front of the world and the world still supports you. Clearly Satan exists.

Oh wow, now I hear the topic is whether or not certain parents should be allowed to be parents over their kids, and you boasting about the future like you’re some prophet, that the child named “Adolph Hitler” can never be president, or anyone else with that name. You’re no Christ-follower, no teacher of the Bible, untrustworthy, a liar, and no prophet.

Wow, at 5:21 P.M. I just heard Judge Villian say, “I’m not big on laws“. Yet you play judge over the Law of God, THE ENTIRE BIBLE, and over Christ who fully endorsed and obeyed it, and still does, and the millions of Christians who do too. So that’s why you defend breakers of good laws and hate those who obey  them. Jim and his false Christian and anti-Christian friends: It’s not law-breakers and haters of good laws that make good people, that make helpful and constructive judges, leaders, or engineers, it’s Law-abiders.

  1. December 31, 2008 at 12:17 AM

    “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?”

    Seriously! Haven’t these people ever read 1 Corinthians 6? (Well, obviously not, because that’s also the chapter where Paul says that homosexuals and sodomites will not inherit the kingdom of God.)

    Hi! I noticed you friended me. I’m friending you back, because sciency Christians who are not also theistic evolutionists are so nice to find.

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