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I Have A Nice Abandoned Bike To Work On

About four days ago I noticed what seemed to be an abandoned bike were there are a bunch of nearby stores. Two days later (two days ago) I came back to it and this guy in a dirtbike came riding up while I was looking at it and I asked about it and he said he thought it belong to some Walmart employee (which was stupid to say since only an idiot employee wouldn’t take his bicycle into the store and put it in the back and since it wasn’t near the store or even locked to the rack it was against). He strangely moved the bike away from me as if he didn’t want me to take it made that action out to be one of mere kindness so that I could chain my bike to the rack. I asked what he thought was wrong with it and he said nothing. I locked my bicycle to the rack about an hour later and decided to take the bike home and fix it up. It smelled bad and looked pretty beat up and worn down but I managed to clean it up so that it looks like it’s only head medium use and just been left out in the rain and sun longer than it should have been.

Despite what the expert on abandoned bicycle told me, the bike was not in good condition: The middle chain ring had a tear on the edge, one of the breaks doesn’t work, it shifts poorly, a pole is missing from the rear wheel, the seat was damaged (I trashed it), the seat post smelled horrible (I thew it away with the seat and this messed up seat cover that was on it), it wobbles when ridden, the chain is drooping down (which it did after I cleaned it) and the skewers are heavy and generic. I intend to replace the stem, break pads, shifters, break levers, seat, seat post, seat clamp, handlebars, skewers and to replace that missing spoke. I also intend to have it tuned and to have the middle chain ring replaced since it’s got a tear on the edge.

Hopefully it won't cost me more than $125 to make like new. I'm think it's only worth about $20 in the condition it's in now. I wish it wasn't too talk for me. Hopefully I can sell it for $220 once I'm finished or if I ever have a tall wife can give it to her as a gift.

Thanks be to God for this gift.

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