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Agnostic Jeremiah Attempts to Rescue Atheists From “My Forced Critical Opinions”

An agnostic named Jeremiah who apparently is super-thick read a poll I posted on my profile, meant for atheists only, took offense (I wonder if that’s an admission that he is apart of the atheist group in some way, like THAT THEY HATE CHRISTIANS? I wonder, not) and insulted me on how I was forcing people to read that poll if MY OPINIONS (when it was atheist and agnostic opinion, and agnostic in too since the same reasons atheists don’t believe are the same reasons why agnostics doubt, hence why he took offense no doubt) and said I shouldn’t have (so apparently he’s the owner of this certain site where I had permission to put the poll and though I’ve committed a hacking crime according to him, he’s decided to let that poll remain and not report me to the F.B.I.; lame hah).

He said that “the church” is hated because of (Christian) opinions like mine (supposedly in the poll I posted) as if every Christian denomination is the same (he obviously doesn’t know the differences between them let alone what a 5 point Calvinist is from such a stupid slanderous stereotype) and as if only Christians are the ones that ask the questions I posted (which was clearly not the case since another member afterwards asked what my religions beliefs were).

He also said I have to realize that not everyone will have my convictions, which was totally stupid to say since the very posting of their opinions on my poll was showing I already knew what THEIR convictions where and that they weren’t the same as mine hah, and then he said that my criticizing people will only drive them farther away (yeah, and that’s why atheists and agnostics and other non-Christians become Christians every day and why there are 75 million 5-point Calvinists, right? Talk about blind, hypocritical, and stupid). So he can preach to me and post that stupid rant on my profile but I can’t post a poll on my own profile page? So he can criticize Christians and say can say whatever he wants against them in the streets, radio, T.V., the internet, anywhere, including on the profiles of Christians, yet we aren’t even allowed on our own profiles to ask why, or about his other opinions forced on us, about his beliefs about our God? “Do as I say not as I do” is the second greatest law of non-Christians.

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