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Yet Another Stupid Atheist Posts Super Ignorant Stupidty

I was watching a video of Benny Hinn on Youtube performing virtual witchcraft doing what is called “slaying people in the spirit” and found this stupid comment from Gheg111, an apparent atheist, on the first page:

“Because selling out to a diety doesn’t happen in any other country. It’s official. Go tell your mamma….. you’re a dumbass!!!!”

God isn’t a ‘diety’ he is the ONLY DEITY you evil liar who cant spell basic religious words yet pretends to be wise. And ignoramus, since when do other countries not have gods or worship God? What have you been doing all day since you were born not to know basic religious history? Every idiot knows the world has been worshiping God and gods for the past 6400 years. Amazing, two super stupid comments about the history of religion in row or in the space of a few minutes.

You’re sick, a man is displayed as committing severe evil in God’s name and you take advantage of that to take the slander further against God and all the Christians who lovingly serve him AND YOU, giving the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars to your kind each year, and in millions of cases that money is given by poor Christians who worked hard for that money.

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