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Things I Hate

I hate
  • circumcision (God doesn’t require that you chop off a piece of your private part anymore, so get over it and stop messing with baby boys’ private parts, it’s sick)
  • the U.S. gov. oppressive behavior. Stop the “drug war”, stop the oil wars, stop the anti-intelligent design teaching in public schools war
  • Bill Gate’s oppressive stupidity (Bill, please improve Windows XP in a way other than by fixing it’s security weaknesses)
I hate it when
  • people judge a thing based on a shallow understanding of what they are judging (who forget “Don’t judge a book by its cover“)
  • stingy people expect you to be generous
  • people who ignore you for no good reason think that as long as they don’t feel hate or call you a “bad” or “mean” word that they’re not doing anything wrong
  • unfriendly people expect kindness from strangers, hearing the word “indeed” (sounds nerdy)
  • arrogant people use the pretentious comeback line: “do please…” as if the person thinks they’re the queen of England because they said, “do please”
  • and when people complain that you’re being negative if you complain and who ignore the good you do, and yet act like they’re being “positive”. Hints: complaining and criticizing isn’t defined as “being negative” in any dictionary and I don’t want any bullshit hypocritical religion of “Thou shalt not be negative in my eyes” whatever the hell that means, to your self. I’ve already got a God, and he’s not you. If you don’t like my speech then find somewhere else to play Speech Police instead of acting like you’re being forced to listen to me by my mind control powers.
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