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Oppressed by the U.S.: Why Not to Trust the U.S. Governments or "The Assmblies of God"

I started getting disability checks last year I think. I asked a social security phone operator if plasma “donations” counted as (reportable?) income and he or she said “yes”. I think I even repeated because I was a little astonished since to donate plasma saves lives and because you don’t get much for it (and for me it’s a huge tormentuous effort to do so being that one of my disabilities is quick exhaustion), and maybe because it was apparent that only the desperately poor sold plasma.

Anyways, so I told them something like that I made $160 one month, and $80 another month (and the operator I noticed was rude, and said something like, “Look, you just said you made ___ this much and now you said ___” (part of my disability was my memory with numbers) and to my disgust, this confession turned into taking out much much more than I made, which I found out on Friday. Insanely, two operators appear to have misheard me about the plasma selling thing, and turned it into me making continuous income from it so that they counted me as getting payment each month totaling something like over $1400. But two days ago, I found out I only made $300, yet they’ve been cutting into my check so that where I was once getting something like $700 a month, it’s now about $364. And because I’m relying on a prepaid debit card (no thanks to them keeping me from getting the money I needed to keep my bank account open), I get even less than that.

Though this may seem off topic, it’s not, but I have been desperately trying to get a girlfriend / wife for years but have been struggling with poverty. There was this girl at the plasma center that I wanted to ask out, but she went outside and I wasn’t allowed to leave or I’d have to restart the process of donating again. So I watched as she left, being desperate for money. For all I know that might have been the only girl I would have ever wanted to go out with that I could have. Things like that have been happening ever since they started taking money out of my check. It’s hellish and feels crushing. I lost my bank account because of this, the only one that I was able to open because of my credit, being unable to pay my bills (guess why?) and couldn’t pay off my paypal bill so lost my paypal account privilege.

I stopped attempting to get medical care or orthotics for my high arches (also part of my disability) and any medical care period because:

1. I think they took away my Medicare because of the plasma money they counted against me

2. they give me less that I can use for rent, and only about the amount I need for food each month, toiletry, laundry, and house cleaning supplies.

3. they took away my social security payments

Ironically, I stopped selling plasma because they told me it was income that I was required to report. And then, when I decided to start selling it again, it was winter, and I wasn’t able to afford winter clothes to go donate. I suppose I would have made even more than $300 since I would have had the money to get an electric bicycle motor and complete a lightweight bike I had in mind (which I also wanted to use to get a job).

I can’t even afford a landline and ran out of money for my cell phone a few days ago, and I think I’m about to lose my internet again because I can’t afford it. On top of that, I’m using comcast internet who has been ripping me off on bandwidth big time; they’ve been disconnecting me over 3 times an hour every day and when I went to call them for a refund, my cell phone time had expired.

This hell from them has repeatedly driven me back to the depression that caused me to end up with suicidal thoughts, which I’ve been trying to fight off since I was 13.

I went to sell plasma again two days ago and was sand blasted by the wind, and since I couldn’t afford goggles or a face mask, my eyes and mouth got sandblasted too.

When I went to bike home, I was nearly crying at times as I was so exhausted and angry that I was going through Hell all because of some idiot employees and their cold-hearted stupid managers that couldn’t be bothered to make sure they knew what they were doing and who were too lazy to go and listen to the tape recordings of what I said.

I got so desperate I ended up writing a letter to them trying to convince them that I never sold any plasma.

My dad as usual let me know that he can’t help me forever (and gets a stingy attitude on me almost all the time), and that really stresses me out because I’m always telling him I’m doing the best I can, and he won’t believe me and when I tell him I want to sue for damages, he scoffs at me for it and tells me to keep silent and not make any enemies.

I’ve also been trying forever to publish some books I finished, but of course, I can’t afford the book covers or the publishing costs for any publishers that will advertise my books! Guess why? On top of that I can’t afford to repair my computer or a new computer (which keeps messing up on me and taking out my research and notes for other books when it freezes and suddenly reboots on me), so, the s.s.a. is indirectly hindering me from finishing new books on top of it.

I even have the proof that what I write is acceptable to many people, but will that do me any good if I can’t even afford to get anyone to listen?

All this in turn has been messing up my ability to sleep and wake up early enough to sell plasma without having to wait 2 hours and 30 minutes just to get it over with (that’s not counting the 40 minutes it takes me to bike there).

I wish the s.s.a. would do what’s right and pay me back for putting me through Hell.

What’s most ironic about all this, is that I spent a ton of my time on Yahoo! Answers helping the depressed and suicidal, trying to keep them from killing themselves and to have a good life. Meanwhile, I had atheists, pagans, and false Christians harassing me and reporting me and getting over 20 of my accounts deleted.

At the same time, I was hoping my reputation for helping others would be usable information on a resume to get a job at a nearby Calvary Chapel church.

I finally made a “run” of help on Y.A. that was only picked on once, by a moderator (big surprise) but when I complained, for the first time out of my tons of ignored complaints, my answer to one question was restored.

Now, if only I could get my life restored: For over a year I’ve stayed in my apartment because of how I would get mistreated and looked down on at churches for being and looking poor and for looking sad all the time. For example, a pastor called Pastor Galen of First Family Assembly Church of God in Albuquerque, N.M. said to me, after telling him about my money problems and disabilities, and being fired from my job, with a cold look, “You reap what you sow.”

Why his cold response? Because I had sharply corrected his son, who is (unless he’s married by now) an illegitimate pastor. His dad even unintentionally confirmed it when I asked him if he believed a pastor must be married, and he said, “yes”. I wonder if he would have been honest if I had instead said, “Do you believe Dustin is an illegitimate pastor because he isn’t married?”

So, I reaped what I sowed by deciding to admit to the s.s.a. that I made money from selling plasma, for deciding to be honest. So I reaped insults from Pastor Galen by deciding to turn to pastor Galen for help more than once, and being ignored by hum, and his son Dustin even getting in the way of me trying to recover money owed to me by one of his disciples. More offensive was that this disciple was someone who had joked that his church (the catholic church) got away with molesting kids, boasted about it, and then said he would make fun of his own son (if he had one) if he had gotten molested, and on top of that, afterwards, was called out to be rewarded for helping to sell pumpkins for Pastor Galen’s church, when in fact he had sat in the trailor playing games while I was the one helping on two different years and in the first year, gave a $20 tip I was given (which I did however because I thought the people in the trailor there would think I was pocketing sales). But did I get called out to be rewarded? No.

Pastor Galen is the one who first said I was that my rebukes of Dustin were the most “venomous”, “critical” (he needs to learn the definition of critical), and hateful that he’d ever read (I guess he’s had his head in the sand during the continuous attacks of Satanists, atheists, pagans, and Catholics). He even implied that what I wrote was of Satan because I didn’t sign what I sent to Dustin, which would make the gospels are Satanic too using that warped logic.

So, I gave $20 extra to Pastor Galen’s church, helped them make money, and get told with a mean critical venomous spirit, that I “reap what I sow.” Yes, I did reap what I sowed by helping you Pastor Galen and Dustin, Dustin who in cowardice sicked his dad on me to get rid of me. Yes, I did reap persecution by leaving a polite note at Whole Foods, telling them that I thought some questions on their employee test were anti-Christian. Yes, Job did reap what he sowed right Pastor Galen? Yes, Jesus did reap being mistreated for being poor, including being slandered, and including being slandered by you with your using God’s word against me in revenge, and taking it out of context to do so.

Yes, Jesus did reap being tortured and murdered, right Pastor Galen? And whatever you say is true because you said so, or, as your son said to me in defense of his telling me not to talk to his disciple about his theft (even after telling him about his disciples sick jokes, which was few seconds after him justifying to me his helping keep adult strangers away from kids at church) :

“I’m the pastor, law of the land”.

The law of the land = a pastor being able to do and say whatever he wants in other words. No surprise to me Dustin said that to me since while at a restaurant with him, before his declaration of American dictatorship, he said to me and the other Christians before him:

“I want to be just like my dad, he’s a great man.”

Hopefully, when I go to anymore Christians for help in the future, I’ll not be let down by weak-willed ones like the “leader” Kevin Guido, who decide to break their word and abandon you, just because they feel like you might blame them if they fail to help you. I would like to know how pointing out how I’ve been oppressed excuses anyone, let alone leaders, to avoid helping you. Pretty ironic huh?: Tell a Christian leader you’re oppressed, and be insulted and avoided by him. That’s what will get you blamed Kevin:

Not doing your job, despite you saying that helping people is what, “church is for” (you should have included your small print commandment (unless you feel like they might get mad at you one day)

So much for your support groups. So much for protecting “your kids” (his college groups / support groups = his kids and protecting them from me = protecting the girls of his groups from me asking any of them out, which by him saying, excluded me from his groups, despite me sighing up with one of them and him knowing it.)

You know who I want to be like? I want to be like Jesus. Now that’s a great man. Don’t you agree?

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