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Scorpion Tears

I watched a video on msn about a man who was trying to get Americans to eat bugs as much as they eat anything else. There was this one scene where he put a little cooked scorpion on top of some other food, and I think because of the sad sounding music that was playing, I suddenly started to feel very sad for the scorpion.

Then I started thinking about all the animals dying everywhere, animals that were little smarter than little children, who all seem to feel pain and probably love amd joy just as much.

Then I thought about how Adam felt when he was told by God that he would have to eat animals (if that did happen). If it happened, he must have felt scared, very guilty, and very sad, having seen all of God’s amazing creatures, and seeing how peaceful they were, but because of his one act of carelessness, would be reminded constantly of what he did by having to kill to stay healthy.

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