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The Greatest Law of the Anti-Christian: Do as I feel, not as the Bible says.

Check out what this oh so wise and peaceful celsius233 from Youtube, who thinks he knows everything about Christians, and who doesn’t know me, said to me on March 4, 2008, 3:52 A.M.:

Curious that creationists never allow people to freely comment on their videos or channels.
What exactly is it you people are afraid of?

Here is my reply:

1. It’s curious you people are too lazy to read past one sentence from a Christian who opposes your morality, and call anything more then one sentence or a long sentence from a Christian “ranting”, “nonsense”, “whining”, or “bitching”, and say, “Listen to yourself, did you hear what you said?” Yet hypocritically claim that you don’t have the time to read what they’ve said, and on top of that, as if you are being forced to read it all at once.

And hypocritically you demand that Christians read far more than one sentence from you, and carefully, or they, “don’t want to listen”, “don’t care about the truth”, are “close-minded”, “just want to argue,” or say to them “ignorance is bliss” when you are the ones doing the ignoring as best you can.

2. Curious you:

a. troll me on yahoo answers (see snipurl.com/stalkers)

b. troll me on wikipedia (see the history section of snipurl.com/stalkers and notice how the yahoo answers troll atheist novangelis keeps reverting pages made by someone criticizing him and his stalker friends or pages in which evolution propaganda was removed?)

c. troll me on digg (notice all the negatives on every comment I make?)

d. troll me on amazon.com (notice all the negatives on nearly all my reviews and the same atheists commenting on my reviews and the last review in which I point out that you people had it deleted twice? Notice that’s not the only review you people have tried to have deleted?)

e. endlessly post snide baseless comments in the religion section of all websites, especially bashing the Bible when it clearly speaks against you

f. make false reviews on nearly all the christian books, especially the latest ones, and vote them 1 star no matter how much solid evidence it contains against evolution, the big bang, atheism, and for the Bible

g. PRE-block me on yahoo answers so that I can’t email them or see their questions, answers, friends or fans

h. often have friendlock on on youtube, strong-arming anyone who wants to say anything to you to add you as a friend regardless if you are an enemy or not so that you people can prevent any christians that don’t appear to agree with your feelings about their religion from saying anything to you at all

i. prevent Christians from making video responses to you on youtube and block comments from Christians

Therefore, according to your own JUDGMENT, you people must be the dishonest, truth-hating cowards.

Yet you people think it’s o.k. for you to say whatever you want and whenever you want about and to Christians.

Yet if I or any other Christian blocks or screens comments or videos, gently refutes or reports hateful or time-wasting nonsense posted by you, then all Christians in the universe (who don’t agree with your hateful opinions of God) we are automatically are “liars”, “cowards”, “drunkards”, “close-minded”, “insane”, ‘trolls”, “stalkers”, “whiners”, “rapists”, “hypocrites”, “hatefully propaganda spreading for money and total control over everything”, “disturbing the peace” and “harassing” you.

3. Curious you people call Christians mindless, yet you think you think you’ve always got something new to say that disproves Christianity, never bothering to see if someone already asked or said the same thing, never bothering to seriously consider or see if Christians already responded to it with a good answer.

4. Curious you people don’t even bother to ponder let alone look to see if anyone has already asked or said something to a Christian but for no logical reason, and in arrogance, think ur a Christopher Columbus.

5. Curious you people constantly gush lies from your mouth and contradict yourself as I’ve shown you’ve done with your snotty, rankly childish and obviously wrong email, yet then have the nerve to say Christians are aggressive for no reason.

6. Curious after repeatedly being defeated in anti-Christian argument after anti-Christian argument you keep trying to win despite being shown to be wrong on all the essentials. You’d think that you people were illogically aggressive, bitter, sore-losing, prideful, violence-lovers who pretend to care about the truth but are really only looking to play tyrant over Christians for pleasure.

7. Curious you people think that YOUR mere sarcasm, YOUR mere insults, YOUR mere claims, YOUR mere belief, and YOUR mere doubt = proof, yet think you are scientists and say, “If the Bible said it I believe it”.

8. Curious you assume all Christians are as dumb as you people when you hardly know any of them, don’t want to know, and can’t be bothered to listen carefully, and despite them repeatedly defeating you, even when you people engage in mass unjust torture and murder of Christians, including of Christian kids and babies.

9. Curious most of you people aren’t scientists and repeat anti-biblical ‘scientific’ statements from atheist, pagan, or false Christian scientists as long as it’s anti-biblical, yet if a non-Christian scientist repeats a scientific statement FROM ANY SCIENTIST, CHRISTIAN OR NOT you mock, “it’s so honest of you to only mention scientific statements that fit the Bible”.

10. Curious you people love to call Christians untrustworthy and hypocrites when they sin even slightly, yet you people do whatever you feel is best for yourselves, yet claim and act as if whatever you say can be trusted whenever you speak to a Christian.

11. Curious, you people hate it when Christians obey God, yet if they disobey him in the slightest, you call them untrustworthy and hypocrites.

12. Curious you people often resort to “I don’t care” as your last line of defense when refuted completely, yet spent your time acting as if you cared about right from wrong and true from false.

13. Curious you people cite your own word or obscure sources or with few references which also cite their own word as evidence, yet if a Christian cites sources, including the Bible, it’s just “faith” preaching.

14. Curious you people dote on a typo from a Christian or their use of a slang word, and claim it’s evidence of a poor education or not being able to be understood because their English is too bad, yet when you people do the same, and a Christian points it out to show that you people also do the same, you call them petty, insulting, making low blows, or taking cheap shots.

15. Curious you people love to praise poor non-Christians as being oppressed by Christians or as being “holy” like Gandhi (who was a black-hater by the way) or the glutton Buddha, or the money-hording torturer Mother Teresa, yet when I pointed that I’m poor and jobless you people make fun of me as being lazy and not being able to afford drugs for my mental problems.

16. Curious you people glory in your mental problems and taking medication for them, yet make fun of me because im supposedly insane.

17. Curious you people love to claim I’m not a Christian because I’m “so hateful”, yet if a “Christian” agrees with whatever you say, never scolding you for speaking evil after already being repeatedly corrected for it, or insults me for correcting you, they are “reasonable”, “peaceful”, “honest” and know what “love is” and “what being a Christian means”.

18. Curious you people preach survival of the fittest yet imply Christians are evil for trying to survive.

19. Curious you people love to dish hatred but hate to take hatred of your hatred from a Christian.

20. Curious you people are allowed to do whatever you feel like, but not Christians.

21. Curious you people claim lying can be a good thing in certain situations or because it’s “human”, “natural”, “helpful” and sometimes necessary to survive. Yet if a Christian who hates your morality tells a small lie, they are doing severe evil and are a hypocrite.

22. Curious you people do all these things and 99.9% refuse to stop in stubborn pride when it’s pointed out, and say, “I don’t care”, especially in private to me, yet call me hateful and cowardly.

23. Curious after all these obvious points you people still think you should be able to say and do whatever, wherever and whenever you want, and that Christians should always pay attention carefully to it, or praise you for it, or totally ignore it.

24. Curious you people think if something is curious to you that whatever you say about it must be true, yet if a Christian thinks something is ‘curious’ you say or think that they’re just ignorant and stupid.

25. Curious you people always have an excuse for your sick behavior, pointing the finger at everyone but yourselves, or trying to make everyone look equally guilty, even a little kid doing good to you, or saying, “Can’t you take a joke?”, “Why are you so uptight?”,” Why are you so serious all the time?”, “Relax.” Yet if a Christian has a good answer, with derision you call it an “excuse” and say, “Can’t you just admit you don’t know for once?” or “You’re not listening.”

26. Curious you claim Christians are stupid for claiming not to know how God created the universe and that you do know how the universe was created any why it happened, how life came about, how life evolved, the purpose of life, and what will happen to the universe in the end. Yet you dersively say to them, “Can’t you just admit you don’t know for once?”

27. Curious you people are hypocrites like I’ve pointed out, yet if a Christian says something that points that out, whether one hypocritical thing or all of them, and you know they are a Christian, you call them hypocrites and mock, “Do as I say not as I do” and say, “You’re not listening.”

28. Curious you people claim that all Christians are the same, and refer to them as “you people” yet if a Christian says, “you people” you mock, saying, “Gotta love those generalizations”, “Gotta love those stereotypes”, “Yep, you know me”.

29. Curious you people refer to yourselves as “non-Christians”, “we”, or “a group”, and arrogantly speak for everyone, including the countless millions of “deceived” and “dangerous” who oppose you that you magically forget exist, and in your self-delusion, thinking there is only one Christian in the universe who opposes you. And yet even for that supposed one Christian you speak for, saying, “It is believed that man evolved…” or as if they can’t possibly be a scientist, saying, “scientists say man evolved”.

30. Curious you people scold a Christian and call them harsh, negative, critical, and judgmental if they gently judge a harsh judgment from you, because you claim they must “know” you (as in know your favorite color? Walk by your side and listen to you carefully for years? Know your contradictory, incomplete and poorly worded 100 Commandments?). Yet you people don’t hesitate to judge the whole life of a Christian and lump them all together based on a moment of YOUR casual observation (or someone else’s pathetic judgment).

31. Curious your kind approve of this childish reply to a Christian when they ask you anything about God, “There is no God,” yet if they were to answer you that way when asking them about evolution you would no doubt accuse them of being anti-scientific and dishonest. Curious you people may take the easy, lazy, evil way out when answering Christians who oppose you, but they must walk over spikes for your mere pleasure.

32. Curious your kind resorts to bullying, torture, lying, careless illogical parroting, theft, and murder to get your way, even against your own kind, yet Christians who oppose you for it are the evil ones.

Though it may seem best to copy the tactics of these anti-Christians who refuse to stop harassing, to ignore them back and say, “Yawn”, the Bible instead says to do good to them, by avoiding them if possible so that they won’t condemn themselves, cause you to sin, prevent you from leading others to Christ or helping those who love him to love him even more, and to do good to them by blessing and praying for them.

May God bless all you anti-Christians.


On March 4, 2008 celcius the wise responded to the shorter inferior version of my list above! Are you ready of it? Note that it may not be wise to show it to your kids since it’s a little harsh (apparently anti-Christians don’t care about what kids are exposed to, not surprising to me since it matches their “Do whatever I feel like doing” commandment), are you ready? Scroll down:

“Get f[*]cked, spammer!”

I know I know it’s just so, scholarly and, scientific and oh so undefeatable. For God is now forever refuted.

My reply:

Thank you for reminding me of one of your endless, lazy-brained, slanderous hit and run cop-outs, and shame on you for proving my point, or rather God’s, which I already emailed to you:

“A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.” – Proverbs 18:2

I didn’t mention this one however:

The poor use treaties; the rich respond roughly. – Proverbs 18:23

Amazingly celcius has allowed that and my previous comments to remain on his profile page. He seems to be one of those ultra-deluded types that are so deluded that they thinks what I’ve said truly proves him right and so doesn’t bother to delete it.

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