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Another Genius Atheist Challenges Me – Smell the Love

From: trevorlarson-at-vandals.uidaho.edu
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 19:31:52 -0800:

.ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P {padding:0px;} .ExternalClass EC_body.hmmessage {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} ” So i hear that you are a off the wall christian, well don’t christians accept everyone for who they are and not tell them they are going to hell? and i also heard that you counsel christians why do christians need counseling? that makes a lot of sense. […]”

My reply:

Why do Christians need counseling lol? That

stopped me from reading the rest of your email, no offense.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Don’t believe everything you hear, […] are you gullible?
  3. Don’t be mentally and spiritually lazy; read the Bible carefully this time, it’s already got your answer many times over, in fact, it’s part of the main theme. There’s also google and search engines like it, and I’m sure there’s a church next to you somewhere. Don’t be scared or the traditional Baptists or Presbyterians, usually they don’t bite. You can hopefully go to a church and ask why Christians need counseling… lol.
  4. You just made atheists look bad again.
  5. That first part of your letter is going on my blog because man, that’s funny, [(]though very sad[)].

God bless you.

Advice to atheists who email me, starting out with a hostile tone isn’t exactly encouraging me to read your whole letter. Learn from history already, bashing, sarcastic insults, assuming, reasonless violence, laziness and murder will not get a God-loving Christian to bow down and worship you let alone or listen or read to whatever you want them to.

Note: Trevor’s original letter was not bold, I did that to make it this post easier to read and to contrast his letter from my reply.

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