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Cute Atheist Kara Isn’t So Cute On the Inside

Has turned out to be a paranoid morally blind atheist, social ignorant and poisoned with the stupidity of Darwinism. This is a young red head, about two years ago, waited with her friend in her car till I walked by to give me a ride to wherever it was I was walking. After giving me their numbers I called them and was friendly but Kara decided to play rude. I hadn’t talked to her for two years till I decided to try and add her to my messenger again (she gave me her email) and she is so messed up in the head that she things saying hi to her every other time she comes on the messenger = stalking lol. She doesn’t bother to find out anything about me, accuses me of (lol) trying to trying to lure young women (despite her having picked me up in person without knowing me) because I don’t put my true age all the time (she stupidly assumed that I meant the age showing on my profiles) and I told her I don’t anymore than everyone else does. On top of that she hadn’t even bothered to look at my profiles hah, she just popped out that accusation based on a paranoid childish thought. I told her I don’t always put my real age because of the psychotic atheists and false Christians like the ones pointed out extensively on snipurl.com/stalkers but forgot to mention the sick U.S. federal government which I’d even warned her was breaking the law on privacy, but which she also took as stalking hah (I emailed her three or four vids on the presidential candidates and how Obama voted for the patriot act).

She also claims I used two different emails to email her as proof I was stalking her but I have no idea what she means since I only first emailed her yesterday or the day before that and had used only one email address as far as I know.

I told her that if she had bothered to read my blog that she would have seen that I have no working bike, to which she replied, “walk”. Sounds like she is into role playing doesn’t it hah? So if Mr. Stalker with his oh so deceptively sexy profiles can’t bike over to stalk her, he must walk in the cold, and to who knows where since she never told me where she lives and I’ve never asked.

Now I understand why she is obsessed with “her” animals: She sucks with humans.

Is anyone thinking, “Oh, she’s just some young idiot, you can’t judge all atheists by her”? If you are, 1) I don’t; I judge all atheist by the many atheists I’ve met and observed 2) She’s about 18 apparently, and wealthy enough to have learned plenty about Darwin and religion. She even told me she likes to read books. So, she has no excuse. Atheism clearly leads to major and increasing moral stupidity, stubbornness, mental laziness, and vanity.

So, be warned people of the world, here lies the bizarre rules of atheism on social correctness:

1. You musn’t say “hi” every other time an atheist comes on to their messenger

2. You musn’t email an atheist nore than once in three years.

3. You musn’t answer an atheist asking you questions as to why you believe what you do because that’s forcing them to believe something they don’t want to (yeah, makes no sense, take that up with her not me).

Thanks again atheists of the world for demonstrating the awesome power and love of atheism and it’s usefulness in the world. Not.

Atheists like Kara demonstrate to no end that both evolution and belief in it are not about “progress” but rather being confused, backwards, hindering and stupid. The “primitives” are Darwinists.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears Yahweh is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30
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