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Still Grounded by God

I just spent what seemed to be 2 hours trying to get my front wheel inflated. I used electrical tape for this hole and cut in the 26″ tube that wasn’t holding air. Strangely it worked when the tube was by itself while inflated, but inside the tire and on the rim it would leak. And eventually I made major puncture in the tire using a round ended knife to get the tire tucked in.

Then I tried two 24″ tubes I had, with slime in them and found out one of them had a puncture as well despite being able to hold air by itself. I punctured that one with a knife after a few minutes, and also the next one.

I also found out why the valve of the 26″ tube was cut into: a poorly drilled rim hole, sharp on the inner cut.

It was from a bicycle that cost about $350. So far that’s about 6 tubes down the drain in 4 months and riding the bike about 6 times a month.

Told my dad it’s better to buy the parts separately so you can get the most reliable parts, but he never listens to reason when it comes from me.

Ironically, he’ll complain about how expensive things are and implying I waste his money. He’s the one wasting it by buying substandard things that end up breaking quickly.

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