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Rare and Heirloom Seeds Offer, Trade

If you are willing to grow up to 200 rare kinds of plants including trees that need different types of climates to grow, and who has the money and or greenhouses to grow them as soon as is best to grow the seeds from these plants (as opposed to when is most convenient for you) and is willing to send me the seeds packets I need to repackage the seeds, $20-40 for shipping and effort, and is willing to send me 20 seeds back from each kind of successfully grown plant (not every single plant) as soon as it bears viable seeds, then please contact me.

I have bamboo seeds, and I read somewhere that they don’t bear seed any time soon, but I will still be requiring seeds from them if you successfully grow them to the point where they bear seeds. Alternatively, you can send me 20 cuttings of the bamboo trees that can grow into a healthy stalk themselves. But don’t send me then when you can do so, but rather when I ask because at the moment I don’t have the land to grow them to their fullest possible size.

If you can’t manage that many seeds because they were damaged or the plant just did poorly then try again if you can until you can meet the quota. But if the plants you grow can’t produce decent seed because the original seeds were just poor to begin with, then you are not obligated to send me any seeds from that kind of plant back since it won’t produce healthy seeds.

Also, if you already had the type of seed or plant that bears the types of seeds I sent you, and your seeds are viable, then of course you don’t need to send me any seeds back, but send me the ones I sent you back.

If you are you know of anyone willing to agree to the above terms please contact me at kyleain-at-gmail.com, and be ready to print out the above contract and to sign it and saying, on the document that you agree to abide by the terms.

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