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Should The U.S. Federal Government Penalize the Disabled For Selling Plasma?

One of my disabilities is that I’m easily exhausted, the plasma place is like 2 or 3 miles away, part up hill part flat part down hill for a long long way, part of the way is by a horse stable thing, a huge one, that reeks of horse p*ss and I have to smell it for what seems like 8 mins on the first pass.

My other disability is things sound way loud, so if don’t have ear plugs in traffic I will mostly likely get blasted by sounds from passing vehicles and from their noisy motors or engines. It’s so stressful I hate to go outside and often stay inside because of it.

Sometimes the wind blows hard, and there is sand on the road and it gets into my eyes or mouth. Not fun.

My current working bicycle keeps getting flat tires yet I hardly ride it, right now I’m stuck with a flat.

Should I choose to use the bus it costs a dollar and then another to get back.

I only get $20 regular so take out $2 if I choose the bus too and back from the center.

To donate I have to sit there waiting for maybe two hours unless I manage the near impossible and that’s getting up early in the morning.

Then when I donate I have to wait for at least an hour for the plasma to drain from me.

While the plasma is drained I have about no immune cells to protect me from infection and must buy good food to get it back quickly.

The process is also very painful: getting a large needle stuck in my arm, and moving makes it hurt. One arm for some reason feels pain behind the elbow, so when I switch to it it’s more painful then usual.

Also the person doing the needling sometimes messes up and that can cause scarring.

After leaving the plasma place both I and my clothes reek of what smells like formaldehyde for more than 2 days. It costs money I’d rather not spend to wash it out since I get so little from donating plasma in the first place.

On top of that if I put on sunscreen while biking I literally get blackened from the car smog. It’s pretty embarrassing.

If I show up on a Monday to donate I won’t get as much money, I think $5 less. Sometimes I would show up on Monday’s because one of my other disabilities is memory problems with it comes to gauging time correctly consistently, and it gets harder to remember right if I get exhausted, as is the case with anyone with a normal memory.

Also it seems to drain your energy from donating plasma. Everyone who donates knows you will get tired after a few minutes of having donated. So besides the biking sapping my strength the donating does too.

I stopped donating for a long time yet both stupid clerks that heard me say I donated for some idiotic evil reason wrote me down as donating / getting income monthly from plasma, that is wrong wrong wrong yet they wanted me to jump through hoops to show that they were wrong.

They have decided that I must have over $1400 removed for donation money that was way less than $1400, way less.

For me to get that amount would mean I donated 9 times a month for 7 months in a row. Yeah, right.

Being the evil people some of them are, they decided that I stopped getting plasma income not because I said so, but but some reason that makes no sense, literally makes no sense. So they just make stuff up out of thin air to penalize you.

Because of that I stopped donating plasma. Too bad for the people that need it to live. Shame on whoever allows this kind of oppression, but God bless them, they’ll be needing all the blessing they can get after what they put me through.

The greedy elites in the U.S. government = killers.

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