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I Just Remembered a Sad Dream

I was sitting on my bed thinking about things, and I suddenly remembered a horrible dream I had a few hours ago. I was in some sort of cross between a prison and mental institution. There was this young boy there who was disliked by the mean woman in charge of the place. I give him sort of Christian book before she locked him up in a cell or small room which I felt she did.

Months later it seemed (in the dream) I was going somewhere, maybe out of the institution, and I saw the boy wheeled by and when he ended up close to me and I looked at him, and from his wheel chair he seemed to smile and he waved at me. I felt saddened over him, and then I woke up and immediately forgot the dream.

I just realized after writing that, that it’s not so unrealistic that alien abduction victims could suddenly remember something or fragments of events they totally forgot about.

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