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No Donations

Yesterday night a master wood craftsman spoke to me on AIM. It was nothing amazing. I asked him his religion and he told me he was an atheist. One of the first things he offered was a donation hah. About two hours ago I thought to myself (while waiting for my cable connection to work again because comcast cut me off for not paying my bill on time), how ironic that after heavily preaching since 2007 that the only person to try and donate to me, wasn’t a Christian, but an atheist. It was funny at first, but then my nose started to curl. There was this one young Christian woman who offered, but she never sent anything. I turned him down, maybe for an illogical reason.

I think I’ll switch to AOL at the end of the month since comcast is going to raise my bill to $60+ a month which is not worth it since every time I torrent share anything that seems over 10kb for a few minutes will get me disconnected. They do it about 3 times an hour. Qwest never did that to me and they were giving me DSL service.

Well I pumped my bicycle tires up but the front one went flat after an hour it seems. At least it got me to the grocery store and back. God was merciful again.

About that shopping list for the future I posted a few days ago, I forgot to figure in the medicated shampoo I need and phone bills, fertilizer, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, a steam cleaner and detergent.

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