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About My Isohunt Poll

I got an email from someone on a post I made in a forum a few days ago:

On Feb 9, 2008 7:13 PM, wrote:

“Your poll’s at Isohunt have gotten alot of responses, At 5+ pages they are a hit, Thank you. You really should stop by and rebuke them, as the expert debater and speaker of the truth that you are.

PS Keep up the good work with the Blog, Man I didn’t know there were that many stupid hypocrites
in the world.

Thanking you for your efforts to speak your truth.”

Hi, I noticed from my stats that people have been coming from isohunt to my sad little blog ever since I posted to threads there. I haven’t thought anything much of it. I guess in the back of my mind I figured it was just the usual atheist stalker types and rare christian supporter. In fact there was someone from aim called prepare4descent who was harassing me (going so far as to switch names when I blocked him) to try and get me to respond back in the threads. All that did was affirm to me that if I were to go back to respond to the atheists I would be playing into Satan’s hand and get drawn in their usual time-wasting fighting.

There was one thing that annoyed me about the atheist poll I made, and that I forgot to put “I can’t see God therefore he doesn’t exist, and neither does anything else I can’t see directly” as an option.

If any atheists thought I was stereotyping them well I gave many different options on the thread with the poll to say why you didn’t believe in God, and I don’t believe that all atheists are exactly the same and never had save that. I do talk about them in a way that sounds stereotypical however because most of them are the same. I’ve only noticed four out of what seemed like 1000 that were significantly more decent then the others. I talk to one of them now and then on my messenger. The conversations are nearly always shallow no surprise to me. I humor her often to get her to say something or to cheer her up. It was interesting for me to hear from her that she only cared about those “close” to her. Yet earlier had let me know she was adopted after I started talking about who should be adopted. I noticed she seemed to be adopted herself by her careful wording on the topic. The hypocrisy is that if you only care about those close to you, or should, then she never would have been adopted. It reminds me of the “I don’t know you therefore I don’t want to” line that shallow paranoid bitter people will use to make you go away when you attempt to get to know them or befriend them.

Also if any thought that my thread on atheists not and a stereotype, well, it wasn’t. It was a response to atheists who believed they were morally superior to Christians and that Christians were mainly to blame for the world’s problems, or religion in general. Most atheists I’ve met (99.9%) believe that every single type of religion does immoral or evil harm in some way. So, my point was, “are you innocent, are you perfect, do atheists never do anything evil?”. And the answer of course is obvious even to those poisoned with hatred. There are some though who are so warped that they literally murder or ruin a person’s life (like many psychologists and doctors do to their patients) and think they are doing good to them.

I don’t plan on returning to the isohunt threads to waste time fighting. I stated what I what I had to say on those topics and my points were obvious, and I’d rather not experience a moderator deleting my account or locking the posts because, as a teenspot moderator once told me, “You’re preventing others from talking” (rolls eyes). Yeah, hypocritical huh? One of the moderators there banned me and locked one of my threads (thereby preventing others from talking lol) because of that stated reason and because she had gone to the link I posted and saw a site I made which LISTED using numbers various sites with criticisms against various religions including Catholicism. She claimed I was insulting other religions by that site, even though the title for each category was merely: “The problem with…”. So mentioning problems about various religions is forbidden on teenspot unless it’s protest Christianity. That is the way of the non-Christian, to rage against you if you dare refute them, to play the hypocrite, to hide the truth at the cost of the lives of many because of the personal irrational hatred for God. When I made a new account right away to point out his or her hypocrisy for doing what she or he did (yes she or he was an anonymous coward) she or he replied, “I don’t care,” a typical non-Christian reply. “I don’t care” = “I don’t care about the truth, it’s not welcome here.” That is why I will only poke my head in momentarily to rebuke or witness in non-Christian forums. In other words, it’s almost a waste of time. What’s said has been said and the best Christians can do now is to make what they say more organized and well said and to make it more convenient to read and hear. Spending a lot of time in non and anti-Christian forums to witness will end up doing more bad then good in my opinion.

Satan rounds up nay-sayers to prevent Christians from leading others to Christ and to destroy anyone who already is a saved Christian. I was virtually stabbed to death on Yahoo Answers and was punished severely by the moderators. If you look at the history page on Yahoo Answers on wikipedia look for versions which make mention of novangelis being a troll and you’ll see I got harassed pretty bad. Even this one atheist harasser named Gazoo admitted that a fellow atheist called gorgeoustxwoman was harassing the christians there and with a condemning tone. Besides being a major hypocrite for condemning her and not himself he ridiculously thought that I was her, meanwhile atheists love to pretend that they are not the conspiracy minded or paranoid ones.

I’m too disgusted to read what atheists have to say against anymore, they just either insult, repeat the same defeated arguments, even ones from many years ago, use inuendo, or take things out of context. When I hear them it’s like listening to someone tell me they’ve just discovered the Earth round and that you are stupid because you haven’t yet. I wrote a list of general anti-Christian attack tactics and it came out to something like 63 methods. I also wrote a book containing over 130 mostly common arguments against the Bible and Christians and ones I thought would be brought up in response to my refutations of them. I haven’t published them or given them out for free because I’m not making any money from my stores and so am ‘forced’ to publish them in part for profit. I haven’t done so yet because I get very little money each month and haven’t been able to save up to pay for those things. It also seems that about no saved Christians will take my books seriously or read them unless I sell them in Borders, and other popular bookstores.

I’ve heard all Satan has to say and his blind minions have been rebuked thoroughly. They have no excuse for their attitude or behavior being that there are hundreds of thousands of living Christians, libraries, bookstores and the internet from which they can learn the truth, and if I manage to publish my books and get them well-known, they will have even less of an excuse.

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