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Lisa Simpson, Moderator of Stupidity and an Incredibly Rude Hypocrite

From the hate-filled time wasting James Randi forum system I received this time-wasting (and therefore rude) email and then an incredibly rude one from Lisa, am opinion-bashing hypocrite with a self-placed chip on her shoulder:

“*Automated response*

Unfortunately we couldn’t complete your registration for the JREF Forum.

We do not retain details of accounts that have not been approved however the most likely reason is that some required information wasn’t entered during the registration process (First name, Last name, Country and State if in the USA).

Please either try again to register or drop me an email and I will do my best to sort out any problems you may be experiencing.

**Note** my email address is lisa_simpson@randi.org, if you reply to the email address this email was sent from (jrefweb@gmail.com) it will cause a delay in our response to any query you may have,


Lisa Simpson
JREF Forum Administrator

My Reply:

the hell did you remove my account for?


Lisa Simpson’s reply to me at 8:12 PM:

“Because you’ve already been banned from the forum. Even if you hadn’t
been banned, this incredibly rude email would keep you out of the forum.

Have a nice day.


My reply to this absurd hypocrite:

Lisa the massive hypocrite:

From your regular rude and hateful member articulette:

“I hate creationist gobbledy gook, it sounds sort of like they are saying something, but they just aren’t saying anything. Their whole goal is to muck up understanding and then insert god into the miasma.

I imagine that they can make individual people feel like they don’t understand something, but when I’m able to understand every single post except those arguing against evolution and for some nebulous “intelligent designer” then I’m convinced that the problem is with them.”

Questions for you: when will you stop being a massive hypocrite? When will stop being a defender of evil and hate? When will you stop spinning the truth? Lisa, you have no life, you are, a loser, you are filled with bitterness and hate. Stop taking your anger out on those who are not harming you and stop defending mocking murderous hate-inciting violence-mouthed villains like articulette and others like her. The reason you don’t want me in your foum is because you hate the truth and hate being shown your real face. You are cowardly paranoid mentally and spiritual ill hypocrite.

You are a hypocrite Lisa, God is your judge and I am one of his millions of witnesses that you will have to face one day if you do not stop being a hypocrite.

God bless you lover of lies.


As any Calvinistic Christian knows who has gone to the Randi forums, the forums are regularly filled with genuinely incredibly rude rants like articulett’s. Lisa knows this but has spiritual and mental problems when it comes to hearing the truth and being peaceful. She is like all her kind, a finger pointing accuser who accuses the innocent of doing the very evil she accuses them of.

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