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The Insanity of Doubt: The Code of Hammurabi, Ten Commandments, and Skepticemia

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While researching ancient law I came upon a pseudo-history page on a website on the Code of Hammurabi and Ten Commandments, made by, no surprise to me, an atheist. Here are quotes from that page in the order I found them in with my replies to the sections I divided them into:

“Around 1750 B.C.E. the Code of Hammurabi, one of the oldest known legal codes, was cast in stone in Mesopotamia. This remarkable stone exists today in the Louvre museum in Paris.The code has elements of contract law, various human rights, and was considered so fundamental that they even applied to the king. The code included prohibitions against lying, theft, and murder, which are so universal that there are few cultures without them.”

Why don’t you tell everyone what the punishments were in his code? Why are you such a truth-hiding hypocrite you self-righteous bigot? Why don’t you quote these allegedly ripped off laws? What’s wrong, too harsh and merciless for you, too arbitrary?

“Roughly a thousand years later, Yahweh, the tribal god of the Israelites,”

What is your evidence he was merely a tribal God when he judged and punished the world, when he judged and punished the Egyptians and Babylon? Why are you so ignorant of the history you pretend to know? He is the God of 100+ million Calvinistic Christians and even more Catholics. Hardly a tribal God, big duh.

“is claimed in Biblical lore to have created a list of commands on stone tablets for Moses”

It’s not a mere claim it is evidence from archaeological findings which you clearly don’t want to study or hear about because you are a self-obsessed opinion-basher. Now what is the evidence for your claims besides your petty emotional banter?

“to give to his people. Perhaps the writers of the Torah coveted the power of the Babylonian stone tablets and created a story about stone tablets of their own in response.”

“Perhaps”? Your evidence is your ignorant speculation yet you call Yahweh a hypocrite? What a massive slanderous hypocrite you are. Talk about stupidity, talk about hypocrisy, talk about a time-waster. So call Christians and Yahweh hypocrites based on your “perhaps”? Get a life you deluded hypocrite.

“Upon returning to his people, Moses found his followers worshiping a golden calf and in a dramatic huff he smashed the tablets and they were never mentioned again.”

So the Bible must be repetitive on every single event? Don’t fault-finding hypocrites whine about the Bible being boring because it always repeats? Damn God if he does damn him if he doesn’t, right arbitrary babbler, right opinion-parrot?

“(Yahweh clearly didn’t foresee the event”

“Clear” because he said so, and whatever the opinion-basher says is true is true, cuz he said so.

“nor did he use a more suitable material for the tablets, such as diamond coated titanium.)”

And it’s more suitable cuz? Cuz the confused babbling opinion-parrot said so. Ye said it so I believe it. Aliens like to eat bananas while spinning on inverted toilets because the color blue smells good. Hey, makes as much sense as what you said.

“After 3000 people were immediately killed and a plague sent for their transgression, Yahweh dictated a second set of commandments”

No blind babbler, they are based on the ten. Get a clue and study rather than babbling. Please learn what logic and evidence and stop babbling nonsense so that there is less useless time-wasting clutter on the net to distract people from learning the truth. Oh, my bad, your lies are useful for one thing, pointing out the stupidity and hypocrisy of non-Christians.

“to Moses that were clearly meant to replace the first set”

Cuz ye said so, and whatever ye say is true cuz ye said it. If it was meant to replace the first set, why is the first set still in the Bible, and repeated twice, AFTER the golden-calf creation, which for no logical clear reason you imply is why a second set is created? Moreover wannabe scholar, did you notice the first set says not to make idols? So how is the second set a replacement lol? Blind to what is obvious and clear much?

“and the only ones called his commandments by Yahweh.”

Wrong again, they are called “the ten words” (Exodus 34:28) more than once, implying they are the main commandments. Furthermore, Yeshuah, who is Yahweh, said, “You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother.'” – Luke 18:20. Now how is it you don’t know these commandments let alone that they are commandments? So someone needs to say, “This is a command”, or you can’t recognize what it obviously is? Do you need every little thing pointed out for you fault-finder, to understand what it is that is right in front of your hateful face? How did the utter obvious slip right past you in your “research”? Because you’re too busy being an attention-seeker.

“The second, undamaged set was placed in the mythical Ark of the Covenant.”

Mythical cuz ye said so, and whatever ye say is true cuz ye said so.

“Strangely, the contents of the second set are largely ignored today.”

Cuz ye said so, and whatever the wannabe scholar says is true is true, cuz he said it. Now, largely ignored by who hypocrite? Hypocrites like you of course who make up imaginary ‘facts’ backed by emotionalism and not evidence.

“You might be surprised to learn that the real tenth commandment is a prohibition on a method of cooking kid goats.”

Cuz ye said so, and whatever ye said is true cuz ye said it.

“There are many more problems with the Exodus story and the reader is encouraged to explore skeptical criticisms of it.”

Wow, I thought you were giving factual criticisms lol. Not. Instead, big surprise, you tell us it’s biased (skeptical) criticisms. Do you know what a pseudoskeptic is? Hint: Or how about skepticemia? Here’s more careful legwork for you:

Chapter Entry

After you get the mental and spiritual help you need to cure you of your compulsive hatred.

Did Moses Steal the Ten Commandments?

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