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Atheists Who Love Torturing (Including Raping) and Murdering Christians

(Note, this entry was removed by Yahoo 360 moderators from a 360 blog I was using under the Cave Atheist account when either the atheist anti-christian stalker Gorgeoustxwoman or Footprints in the Sand (a.k.a. Persephone) reported it to them. Isn’t she just so loving like she claims to be? Not. You won’t find this entry in the Cave Atheist 360 blog because it is trolled by sanctioned atheist stalkers like gtxwoman who would just get it deleted again. Yahoo sanctions stalker-harassers like her and does not want any negative articles on China’s human rights abuses, apparently because there are Chinese people in control of Yahoo and China is one of their major customers. Yahoo’s moderators ignored me when I pointed out that I was being harassed by her and her other friends on my other Yahoo 360 blog. When I reported that stalkers like Jesus Myth Superstar – who called me a rapist on my blog -, Run James Run, Footprints in the Sand and Gtxwoman were slandering me I was ignored. But when I responded to Gtxwoman in my blog by pointing out her own major family problems she or or one of her group retaliated by reporting me to the moderators who then erased all my blog entries except the last one which was linked to the one in which the one in which they had heavily slandered and mocked me. Want evidence? I save a ton of pages showing how the moderators were treating me vs. the atheists and neo-pagans who were harassing me, I even saved emails I sent to them. You can ask to see this evidence at cbg777 – at – gmail.com. One of their group, Novangelis, went so far as to edit the wikipedia entry about things like this so that no one would realize that atheism is a life-threatening belief. And now the article that they deleted:)

According to some childish Christian-hating atheists (Footprints in the Sand a.k.a. Persephone and Jesus Myth Superstar – see http://snipurl.com/stalkers) no atheist has ever raped anyone or even been accused of being a rapist. Well besides that being childishly absurd because there are a large number of atheists in the world and atheists aren’t known for being peaceful anymore than anyone else in any encyclopedia (just the opposite actually) and it should be obvious then that out of a large population of such people there would be crimes of all sorts committed by them. It also demonstrates an incredible willful ignorance and lack of care for what really goes on around them and what has been recorded all throughout history.

Irrefutable Evidence That Atheists Are Far More Prone To Committing Atrocities Than Bible-Obeying Christians

Did you know Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world, or one of them? You know what their main religion is right? Did you know Catholic dominated Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in the world?

Did you know atheist dominated Sweden is number 31 on the list of countries with the highest suicide rates? “Just a coincidence”?

Would you like to know atheist dominated Vietnam’s dirty little rape-those-Christians-for-worshipping-Christ “secrets”?:

Christian Persecution in Vietnam
Homes in Vietnam Burned for Refusing to Deny Christ
U.S. and Vietnam Reach Agreement on Religious Freedom

How about atheist dominated China’s “secrets”?:

China’s Christians suffer for their faith

How about Buddhist dominated Burma’s?:

Country Report: Burma

How many suicides occur in Tonga every year? Here’s a clue:

Becoming Tongan: An Ethnography of Childhood

Can you figure out what the main religion of Tonga is and what that main religion teaches in comparison to the others?

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