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Evolutionists Approve of Rape, Child Molestion, Thievery and Lying

What has happened when not just your typical ignorant evolutionists, but the most well educated ones do not accept these most basic and obvious and facts, even scientifically evident: that the universe is designed and all the things in it?

What happens when people think mere rhetorical questions, sarcasm, mockery, insults, their skepticism, disbelief or belief or the strength of their belief = evidence?

What happens when people forget the most basic meanings of common and essential words and concepts such as truth, lie, evidence, proof, love, mercy, justice, law, good, evil, material, spiritual, and God?

What happens when Darwin-worshipers, anti-creationists, and moral, scientific, and historical ignoramuses pretend that everyone is his own god? You get a nutty rape-infested liar’s paradise:


Stupidity, bias, and complacency leads to destruction, not evolution. The fittest won’t just survive, but will live forever in peace and joy.

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